Christmas is a magical time for children. They wait all year for this time, because they get to spend their holiday with loved ones, get all sorts of exciting gifts and presents which they always wanted. Children love the whole tradition of waking up in the morning and finding those colorfully wrapped presents waiting for them under the Christmas tree. If you’re planning to surprise your child with something great this Christmas, you can go and give them a wonderful present if you think it all out properly.

Great Christmas Gift Ideas For Children

1)      Gift Baskets

One gift idea which never fails to impress is the gift basket. If you’re gifting a child who is not closely related and you don’t know him or her well enough to gift something personal, go neutral with the gift. Gift baskets moistly include cookies, chocolates and cartoon-based candies and fun items like drawing sets, small toys, etc.

2)      Room Art Makeovers

If you think that you want to make this Christmas more special for your child, give your child’s room a makeover. Gift your child, with a new look for his or her room and see how delighted they get. You can go for modern 3D or 2D art room wall décor designs or go for florescent sticklers for the ceiling. The choices are varied and you can go with whatever you and your child are comfortable with.

3)      Starter Music Kits

If your child likes music and has a talent to take it further, help him or her nurture it. Gift your child with a new kid’s guitar set or a synthesizer and let your child explore his talents. If you think that your child just enjoys music, you can gift a radio as well and let him or her enjoy several hours listening to music.

4)      Disposable Kid’s Cameras

Let your child capture the fun moments of life with his or her own camera. There are many colorful and safe kid’s-disposable cameras available these days which can make the perfect Christmas present. They are easy to use, durable, and safe for a child.

5)      Art Related Gifts

Almost every child likes to draw. If you think your child takes extra care to spend some hours with the crayon set or if he or she likes to paint, then getting him or her paint sets, or a drawing/coloring book can be a fantastic idea.

6)      Gender Specific Toys

After a certain age, the kinds of toys a child likes, changes. Boys want something rough like a car or an action figure when girls go for dolls and other toys. If you have a boy, getting him a racing toy car or a toy car racing set or a train is a good idea. For girls, you can stick to ice cream dolls, Barbies or even a doll house. These are some fantastic gifts which will make any child happy this Christmas.

7)      Clothes

If you think that your child will be happy with new clothes which are in fashion these days, then go for it. Kids’ fashion has evolved over the years and there’s no limitation to what you might choose. You can go for winter clothing as it’s the holiday season after all. You can also go for winter accessories like boots and gloves and caps.

8)      Books

To cultivate the habit of reading is something very important. And it’s always a good idea to tart young. Gift your child hours of fun and excitement and watch your child learn the appeal of a good story. You can buy general fairytale and bedtime stories or go for classics like Famous Five and Harry Potter. Some great child authors like Enid Blyton, J.K. Rowling, Ronald Dahl, mark twain, are the best authors, who have written evergreen children’s novels. You can try out books by these authors and get your child started on something refreshing, addicting, and healthy. The gift of a book is the best gift ever.

9)      Board Games

With technological advancement being such an important factor in our lives these days, people forget to make their kids keep in touch with board games. Leaning board games is fun and it’s an astonishing fact that many children haven’t even heard of scrabble, puzzle games, and checkers. It is important to teach your child that there are other things in life beyond computer games. Gift your child the joy of a board game this Christmas and let him or her learn something amazing.

10)  Soft Toys

Depending upon the age of the child, you can go for the kind of soft toy you’re planning to gift. If your child is below the age of 6, then you can get any kind of soft toy starting from a cute looking teddy bear to a fuzzy monkey. The choices are endless here. Just make sure that you buy it from a good and reputed store so that the material used for the toy doesn’t lead to allergies and respiratory problems. If your child is 6 years and above, in age, you should stick to the girls for soft toys and get something else for a boy. Tastes change with age and everyone knows that boys usually don’t have a fondness for soft toys. With girls, soft toy is always a safe option.