Making drama shows is indeed quite a risk for the producers and the investors. These drama shows are made in most of the countries these days. But the best ones are those that are made in the US. Yes, the United States has indeed taken a number of risks while making these drama shows. Some of them managed to gain access to the top, while others faced the rock bottom. In the past few years, contrary to what had happened in the start, the American drama shows have turned to be quite successful and at the same time, really entertaining for the TV drama lovers all over the world. The thing which makes these dramas so desirable is that they come to depict a different plot, a different theme or story every time they are launched. Furthermore, the remakes that are made also turn out to be quite loveable for the TV addicts. In making the list I have also searched the past archives, thus making a ranking for the 10 best American drama shows since the 90’s. We must all show some respect to the actors who played a vital role in taking these dramas to the heights of glory and achievement. Here is the list.

10. Carnivale

The TV series had been launched in the year 2003 depicting the life of a farm boy living in Oklahoma in the times of great depression. The drama shows how a charismatic minister, with assistance of the farm boy, come to know that they have a vital role to play in the proxy war that has been going on for a long time now. It is really one of the best master pieces to be showed on HBO.

9. Gossip Girl

Here we have a drama that was shown on the CW network from the year 2007. It is based on a book series which was also a success in itself. The theme of the drama dealt with the life of some private school and some elites of Manhattan City. The main character of the drama is that of a gossip who knows things that she shouldn’t know or at least reveal to everyone. So, what she tries to do is rip off the reputation of these people by making postings on a website. The previous seasons of this drama show have been a super hit and the same can also be said for the sixth one which would be launched pretty soon.

8. 90210

The drama revolves around the lives of some regular family from Kansas who have moved to Beverley Hills. Yes, the show is a remake of the old TV series with a similar title. Glamor and luxury are the key factors of this drama with some twists and turns. All the previous seasons for this one of a kind drama have been a success.

7. Pretty Little Liars

The drama show is based on the novels and writings of Sara Shepherd. It was started in the year 2010 and since then has been a huge success. As the name suggests, it is all about the lives of five beautiful young friends, one of which had disappeared quite mysteriously one night. No one has an idea about the killer who seems to be harassing them all through text messages.

6. Firefly

This TV series had been shown in the year 2002 depicting science fiction and life in the future. It is all about the travel of a space crew to unknown and hidden corners of the galaxy. Although the Drama show was of a short lived nature, still it managed to make some huge profits.

5. Once Upon a Time

This super Drama show is displayed on the ABC family. The theme revolves around some cursed fairy tale creature, a mother and a son. What makes this drama so exciting to see are the fantasy and life events of the mother and son along with some other people having their own roles to play.

4. One Tree Hill

This teen drama had begun in the year 2003 on the well-known CW Network. The theme of the drama was the lives of some teens from the Tree Hill School and the 4 years they spent in the school. What makes this drama fun to watch is the rivalry between the two boys in basketball and every other thing, all because they are the brothers with the same father but different mothers. After that, a jump had been taken directly into their adulthood lives.

3. Vampire Dairies

Quite similar to the love life of Edward and Bella in Twilight, the Vampire Dairies is yet another famous Drama show. One of the main characters of the drama is a girl named Elena whose parents had died in a fatal car crash. Everything seems to change when she comes to know that her crush and love is a vampire. All the seasons of the drama have been top grossers.

2. Band of Brothers

With some very high ratings on IMBD, Band of Brothers is yet another successful and profitable drama show. In fact, most of the people consider it to be best American drama show ever to be made. The theme of the drama is based on the events of the WWII with central focus on 101st US Army Division. For those who have a love for history and adventure, then this drama is the one to watch.

1. The X Files

At number 1 we have the TV series that spanned across more than 8 years with nearly 202 episodes all of which were highly successful. The TV series depicts the ventures of 2 FBI agents as they try to explain and investigate some paranormal and mysterious events that happen from time to time, most of them involving crime and bloodshed. Most of the critics of 90s rated it as the best TV series to be ever shown. You might remember seeing this show in your childhood, if not, then now is the time to download the episodes and start watching them.