Has anybody asked you about the 10 craziest town names in the world? If not, then now is the time to know about these names. Town names can sometimes be as crazy as hell. There are a number of reasons for which towns are named. Some are named based on the historical events linked to the origins of the time while others might be named for other reasons. One must appreciate the fact that the town they live in has not been named in a pretty crazy manner. When I come to think of the town names like bald knob, boring, hell etc. then the only thing that strikes my consciousness is that the towns are named in this way only to take some revenge from the people who reside in the areas. For example, why a town located in the Caribbean has been named Little Dix. There are some people of the town who find the name quite bothering, but most of them do not care at all. So here I plan to present a list of the top 10 craziest town names just to give you some idea about the whole concept.

10. French Lick-Indiana

Now most of you might be thinking about some odd French maneuver when seeing the name of this town or hearing about it, but in reality the name comes from the animals of the surrounding areas. These animals love to lick the deposited minerals and salts found near a French trading post. So, it makes total sense now that why it has been named this way.

9. Wetwang-UK

Now here we have another oddball town name, Wetwang. This town name also raises a number of questions about the origins of the town, but let me clear one thing that the residents of the town are not commonly known as wetwangers. Furthermore, the people of the area might not like if you call them by such a name for obvious reasons.

8. Hell-Michigan

The town is located at a distance of 15 miles from Ann Arbor. Now there are a number of theories about the origins of the name of which 2 of them are considered to be the most accepted. One of the theory states that some German Travellers used the word to describe the town as a result of which the name got famous, while the 2nd theory makes an assertion that when the founder was asked about a name for the town he replied that “You can name it Hell I don’t care. Now to what degree these theories are reliable, only God knows.

7. Boring-Oregon

The town has been named after some old man (W.H. Boring). At that time the word might have meant something else than what is taken in these times. So here there is a benefit of doubt which can be given to the naming of the town which is indeed hilarious. Now here to what extent the people of the town are known to be boring is something which you should experience on your own by paying a visit to the town.

6. Bald Knob-Arkansas

The population of this town is nearly 3000 or more according to the most recent estimates. So what the people who live in the town would love to call themselves Bald Knobbers I guess. I bet that they might get angry with you if you call them with such a name.

5. Upper Dicker-UK

The thing which makes this town so different is the name which gives a pretty wrong impression, especially when you ask someone about the directions for this town. Or it might be not so odd after all, as the people might be quite used to such words. Anyways, be careful, especially when asking a woman about the directions to this town.

4. Fail-Portugal

Now here we have the name which can be called the craziest of them all. I mean, why the hell a town would be named as fail, are all the people of the town failures? I bet not. The Portuguese should think about changing the name or at least modifying the name.

3. Weiner-Arkansas

It has been estimated that there are less one thousand residents of the town. But what’s more funny is the fact that there is a high school in the town which is known as Weiner High School. Furthermore, when the students of the school go to prom they most of the times buy flowers from a shop named Weiner Flower Shop. Crazy isn’t it?

2. Nowhere Else-Australia

This town name is indeed one of the most ridiculous of them. Now, the town has been named in such a stupid way? So what are you going to say to the taxi driver while planning to visit the town? The driver would ask where to? And you would most likely say “Nowhere Man”.

1. Disappointment Hill-Western Australia

It is said that there lived a traveller named Francis Hann who tried to climb the hill, but was disappointed to see there was no water. The only thing I can here that I am really sorry for the poor hill. But in the end it is better to make something clear here i.e. the article is not meant to break the hearts of the people of these towns, as names do not signify the qualities of the residents of any town. Towns do not make people, but in fact it is the opposite.