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5 Highest Paid Footballers in the World

by Syed - on Feb 27th 2013 - 1 Comment
Lionel Messi

Footballers are really on the role these days. With contracts worth millions of dollars and with a huge fan following all over the world, the game of football is now attracting hundreds of talented players. In terms of the salaries and earnings for the past year, The Argentina Icon, Lionel Messi is at the forefront of being the best and...

Top 10 Wildest Beauty Pageants From Around the World

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While most people equate beauty pageants with a group of attractive, intelligent and talented young women vying for the honor of representing all young women, some take the event to different levels. Borrowing from the traditional premise, creative people developed new methods of celebrating beauty. Women in California needing beautification...

Top 5 Most Anticipated 3D movies in 2013

by Syed - on Feb 20th 2013 - Comments Off
Man of Steel

In constituting this list of the most anticipated 3d movies for the year 2013, I came across a number of wonderful things. Firstly, the era we are living in is indeed the most suited for the production of such films. It is all because that technology surrounds our lives in a constant manner. From the time we are born and grow up, technology...

Top 5 Most Expensive Watches for Women 2013

by Syed - on Feb 16th 2013 - Comments Off
Richard Mille Caliber RM 019 Celtic Knot Tourbillon Watch

The need for wearing and craving the most expensive watches in these days for women is indeed justified. Almost every woman loves to look elegant and beautiful than all others around her. In all, wrist watches are much more than just functional pieces of fashion and awe. If you want to buy an expensive watch, then it is always reasonable...

America’s Top 10 Healthiest Cities

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Americas Top 10 Healthiest Cities

There are a number of factors that can affect your health, including diet, exercise habits and whether or not you smoke. The city that you reside in can also have an effect on your health. Below are 10 of the healthiest cities in the world: Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia tops the list. Pollution is a concern in many cities, but...

5 Amazing Lifestyle Tips for a Healthier Life

by Syed - on Feb 5th 2013 - Comments Off
healthy lifetysle

In order to stay healthy, you not only need to stop the consumption of junk food, but are also required to make use of some amazing lifestyle tips. Everyone in the world wants to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. There are various crucial and important aspects of wellness and wellbeing, all of which have their own importance in giving us the...

Top 10 Most Useful Tips for buying a Used Car

by Syed - on Feb 4th 2013 - Comments Off
tips for buying used cars

Buying a used car is not something which not everyone is going to like, still there come times when is left with no other option then to go for it. Yes, used cars can have a lot of problems and can also result in a further loss of money, but that is just the worst case scenario. If you follow some set tips and strategies, then you can...

Common Fears About Becoming a Swinger.

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Embracing the swinger lifestyle may be one of the healthiest changes you can make to your current monogamous relationship. The benefits are many and the drawbacks very few when using the correct mindset. However, don’t make the mistake of believing that everyone getting into the swinging lifestyle made the transition without any concerns...