Casinos have provided an interesting aspect to movies that are not solely about gambling. These scenes are some amazing examples of casino gambling found in film.


1. The film “Run Lola Run” features a roulette scene where the title character, Lola, bets it all on the roulette wheel in order to try to raise money to save her troubled boyfriend.

2. The comedy movie, “The Hangover” is set in the gambling city of Vegas. While not a gambling movie, it does feature a memorable blackjack scene.

3. Another movie with a memorable blackjack scene is “Rain Man” where an autistic man is able to count cards winning money for his brother.

4. The “Austin Powers” movie also features blackjack but without a great deal of authenticity.

5. The movie “Swingers” provides yet another memorable casino scene. Again, featuring a blackjack game, many who watch this movie have even taken back pointers to help them when playing blackjack at online casinos.

6. “The Hot Tub Time Machines” features a long shot bet placed by the characters which make the plot heat up.

7. “Coupe de Ville” is another non-gambling movie which factors in gambling when some brother attempt to raise money to repair their car.

8. “Ocean’s Eleven” has to be included in this list given its memorable casino scenes. Here, characters make some risky bets on the game of poker.

9. The animated children’s movie, “Toy Story 3”, surprises viewers when a roulette scene occurs with the toys.

10. The James Bond movie, “Casino Royale”, has a major poker tournament as part of its plot. Through this means, Bond catches the bad guy. Poker tournaments have become quite common today, especially at online casinos like JackpotCity. Players find that with a relatively small buy-in, they can have a great deal of play time. Online casinos are able to offer lower buy-ins due to their lower overhead costs in comparison to land based establishments.