Footballers are really on the role these days. With contracts worth millions of dollars and with a huge fan following all over the world, the game of football is now attracting hundreds of talented players. In terms of the salaries and earnings for the past year, The Argentina Icon, Lionel Messi is at the forefront of being the best and the highest paid footballer in the world. There are also a number of other footballers who have been added into the list, but Messi is the one player who truly deserves to be at the top. Here are the 5 highest paid footballers in the world.

5. Wayne Rooney

Presently playing for the club Manchester United, Wayne Rooney is the top ace of England Football these days. Although he previously lost his contract with Coca Cola, still his fame is quite enough to attract more and more contracts and deals. His earnings for the year 2012 are about £17.2m due to which he had qualified for the number 5 spot for this list.

4. Samuel Eto’o

With nearly £ 19.4 million in his account, Samuel has a lot to be proud of these days. In addition to having Ford, Samuel is really obliged to have Puma in the list of his sponsors. That’s not all, as he also holds the title of being Africa’s most decorated footballer. At the time he had been signed for the Russian Club, FC Anzhi Makhachkala, he had become the highest played soccer player. Not to forget that the club is owned by the 118th richest person in the world, Suleiman Kerimov.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

In addition to having a net worth of about $ 160 million, the earnings of Cristiano for the year 2012 are about £ 24.3 million. He also boasts of having more than 25 million Facebook fans from all over the world. It is also important to note here that Ronaldo is the only player in the world who is believed to be equivalent in terms of footballing skills in comparison to Lionel Messi.

2. David Beckham

Football fans might hold different views about David, but he is still one of the best footballers in the world. His earnings for the year 2012 are around £ 26.2 million, which have indeed added a lot more to his net worth which falls around £ 160 million. He is also the brand ambassador for Samsung.

1. Lionel Messi

The Barcelona Super Star, Messi has topped this list with £ 27.5 million earnings for the year 2012. Believed to be the best player in the history of footballing, there is no other player who can match his present awards and achievements. Being at the top of the game is not something new for Messi, as from the start of his career he has been quite used to it. He was also the top ace of the 2005 FIFA Championship with 6 goals. Some of the awards he has acquired include Most FIFA Ballon d’Or, Guinness record for the most number of goals in a single year, most number of goals in a single season and many more.