While most people equate beauty pageants with a group of attractive, intelligent and talented young women vying for the honor of representing all young women, some take the event to different levels. Borrowing from the traditional premise, creative people developed new methods of celebrating beauty. Women in California needing beautification may turn to experienced plastic San Diego surgeons.


Miss Atom

Originating in Russia sometime in 2004, Miss Atom commemorates women working or pursuing a degree in the nuclear industry. In the last pageant, 340 women aged 18 to 35 representing over 60 educational institutions, businesses and organizations competed for the coveted title.


Miss Plastic Surgery

Beijing, China held the first plastic surgery pageant in 2004. Women and transsexuals aged 17 to 62 vie for the title “best artificial body.” The only requirement for entering the contest entails providing doctor certified proof of physical alterations.


Sister Italia

The Italian Catholic priest, Father Antonio Rungi initiated the contest in 2008. The pageant participants were nuns aged 18 to 40. Citizens voted for the most attractive, spiritual individual. Controversy quickly ended the event.


Alternative Miss Ireland

Open to men, women or animals, the contest judges participants based on the most unusual personality. Contestants display the most outrageous behaviors that might include costumes, altered egos and bizarre behavior. The winner receives the Medusa Crown of Shamrocks.


Miss Pregnant

Now a worldwide event, mothers-to-be strut along a stage while bearing their protruding abdomens in a bikini. Judges award the winner with $1,000 for maternity expenses.


Miss Prisoner

Originating in the Bogota Buen Pastor Prison, these events also occur in Lithuania, Nairobi, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Female prisoners don elaborate costumes to win the prized title. Designed to boost the self-esteem of the women, the winner may win anything from cash awards to early parole.


Miss Klingon Empire

This pageant emerged from the Star Trek Convention and Dragon Con. Contestants apply makeup and prosthesis to resemble  their favorite female Klingon characters.


Miss Mama Kilo

This unique contest in Cameroon invites plus sized women to participate. The candidates must weight over 90 kilograms to qualify. Judges determine winners based on views concerning social issues and domestic skills.


Miss Muslim Moral

Khadra al-Mubarak initiated this event that strives to determine the woman demonstrating the greatest inner beauty based on views evolving around family, moral and social values. The winner receives a number of awards that include $1,333, a diamond wristwatch and an expense paid trip to Malaysia.


Miss Landmine Survivor

Originating in Angola by local artist Mortan Traavik, the event serves as a self-esteem boosting opportunity for landmine survivors. The Cambodian government banned the pageant, which drew attention in Norway. Now held in Norway, Angola winners receive prosthetics manufactured in Norway.