The need for wearing and craving the most expensive watches in these days for women is indeed justified. Almost every woman loves to look elegant and beautiful than all others around her. In all, wrist watches are much more than just functional pieces of fashion and awe. If you want to buy an expensive watch, then it is always reasonable to buy the best ones in the market. After all, elegance and fashion come with a price which you are required to pay. There are a number of people who frequently ask questions about the need of wearing the branded and top quality watches? The answer to these queries and questions lies in the culture of luxury, about which most of the people in the world aren’t even aware of, all because they can’t afford to spend their hard earned cash in such purchases. But those who do have some spare money to be spent on these expensive watches and items should be able to rationalize their purchase. Below are the top 5 most expensive watches for women 2013.

5. Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Retrograde Perpetual Calendar Watch-$ 116,800

The features offered in the watch are much more extensive than the name of the watch. The case of this watch has been made using 18 karats of gold. Moreover, it also includes automatic movement and winding hours and seconds functions. In addition, the blue dial, perpetual calendar and options for water resistance are what that makes this watch really expensive.

4. Cartier Pasha De Cartier Small Model Watch-$ 123,000

In addition to having a 18 karat white gold case, it also boasts of having several circular diamonds, The watch is also marked for it quartz movement, silver dial minutes, hours and seconds and a 30 meter water resistance capacity.

3. Cartier La Dona Watch-$ 137,000

The case for this watch is also composed of 18 karats of gold and other expensive materials. The same applies to the bracelet which makes use of white gold components. In order to enhance the visual appeal of the watch, the entire outward region has been polished meticulously and with high levels of quality, thus making the watch as one of the most expensive watches to buy in 2013.

2. Patek Philippe Twenty, 4 Watch, $ 285,000

Marked for its quartz movement and spectacular design, the whole watch has been loaded with diamonds and 18 karats of white gold in total. That’s not all, as the watch also makes use of a paved dial together with a .05 karats diamond.

1. Richard Mille Caliber RM 019 Celtic Knot Tourbillon Watch-$ 465,000

In addition to having the same 18 karats white gold casing, the watch has been loaded with several power movement and manual winding features. It is also one of the few most expensive watches in the world that have been created after numerous requests from the side of the elite women. Furthermore, the knot has also been linked to a number of diamonds and a black onyx stone which is believed to deflect any harmful energy that might come your way. So, all you need now is to ask your husband or partner to read out this list of the most expensive watches for 2013 and decide the one which he would be gifting to you.