On seeing the list of the most dangerous countries in 2013, you will be able to grasp the harsh realities of the modern world. Just imagine the lives of those people who live in these countries and then imagine yourself enjoying the comforts of life in your safe and sound homes. The death rate in these regions is really high that even all the countries combined cannot meet the number of deaths that take place in these countries. The element which is common in the deaths of the people in these areas is modern warfare. With the development and advancements made in the weaponry, the worth of human life has been leveled down. On one side we see the economic recovery of the first world countries and on the other hand we see these countries that are still struggling for their right to exist. In reality, there are numerous reasons for the havoc and chaos that is visible in these regions of the world. Whether it be the devastating bomb blasts in Pakistan or the use of chemical weaponry in Syria, the only one to suffer here are the citizens of these countries. What is the solution to these problems? No one has any solution to these issues, as with the development of more and more weapons and with some countries usurping the rights of other people, innocent human beings will keep on dying. In the movies like independence day, 2012 and many others, it is depicted in the end that there comes a time when the world transforms into a one nation, bound and linked with the bonds we all have in one common i.e. humanity. The one thing we all need to understand is the fact that in order to control the havoc and destruction that is visible all over the world, we should start respecting each other. Killing other people on the basis of the difference in religious point of views, in the ways of life or on other basis, is a testament of our brutal realities. Here are the 5 most dangerous countries in the world.

5. Somalia

On seeing the natural beauty of the region, we can have an idea about the eternal beauty that lies waxed in its tourist destinations and hot spots. But unfortunately, due to the political instability of the region and the problems of drug trafficking, weapons and all other activities have put an end to the safety of the people who live in this country. There are a number of militant groups that are functional in the country, all of which can be termed be the ones responsible for the killings of the innocent people. Moreover, on a regular basis, you will also get to hear about the foreign hostages that are killed by the Al-Shabaab group.

4. South Africa

This country can be termed to be the haven for the criminals. Moreover, the country is also known to be the capital of the world when it comes to rapes. At the same time, the murder rate in the country is also quite high, thus forcing the tourists to reconsider their travel plans. Most of the tourists who travel to the region also prefer to hire some protection for themselves. There are also a number of gated communities in the region who use the services of a number of armed men in order to live with safety. The profession of farming in the country is also getting more and more dangerous, as a number of the farmers are killed on a daily basis. There is no doubt about the natural beauty and the enamoring wild life which the country has, but it is best to be wary while travelling to South Africa.

3. Brazil

Although the economy of the country is progressing and now stands among the fastest growing economies in South America. Street crime is a quite high in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Moreover, incidences of robbery, murder and rape are also high in the country. The crime in the country involved an elevated occurrence of violent and a number of non-violent crimes.  It is also among the top 20 countries in terms of the international homicide rate. Organized crime also remains a major problem in the country, especially for the tourists.

2. Afghanistan

Here we have a country whose militant groups have threatened the existence of all humanity. The Al-Qaeda group of region, which claims to be the liberator of Islam, is the one that is the cause for all forms of terrorism in Asia. Most of the killings that take place in the neighboring country Pakistan is also linked to the terrorist activities of this group. The war on terror that had been initiated against the country is also not turning out to be so good, as most of the allied forces have agreed to evacuate the area in the near future. What would become of the nation, nobody knows. Chopping innocent men and women is not something uncommon or unusual in the country. More than 2000 US soldiers and officials have died in the region, but there is no account of the deaths of the locals. The role of Pakistan in bringing down the power of the Taliban can also not be denied. Thousands of Pakistani policemen and army men have given their lives just to prove to the world that we are not terrorists, but the world still remains skeptic towards them. Using the name of Islam, the Taliban just want to fulfill their own selfish demands. Killing Shia Muslims and other minorities is their prime goal. What’s more unfortunate is the fact that there are people who openly support the activities of these groups.

1. Iraq

There is no other country that can be termed to be the most dangerous, than Iraq. What is presently happening in Syria is nowhere near to what Iraq has gone through in the past decade. The Haditha Killings and the notorious Emo killings are just fragments of the inhumane acts that have been carried out in Iraq. All around the country you are going to find a families who have lost at least 1 individual. The incidence of the bomb blasts and the use of small scale chemical weapons is also quite common. Although the official statistics always differ, but there is no hiding of the reality when it comes to the violent and beastly acts that have been carried out in Iraq.