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5 Best Smartphones with the longest Battery Life

by Syed - on Apr 14th 2013 - 1 Comment
Samsung Galaxy Note II

We are all living in the smartphone era-an era which is marked for some of the most advanced and powerful mobile phones. At times, when you think about switching your smartphone or moving to the one which has a longer battery life, you would need to consider a number of different facets. Firstly, you would need to keep an account of the...

Top 10 Poker Players of All Time

by cyra - on Apr 6th 2013 - Comments Off

The game of poker has seen a huge boost in popularity over recent years, thanks mainly to the flourishing game of online poker as well as widespread exposure on mainstream and now specialist TV channels. With thousands of hours of footage of its top players in the can, let’s put some names to those now-famous faces and introduce the...

Five of The Best Poker Games

by cyra - on Apr 6th 2013 - Comments Off

When you’re a new face at the poker table – online or off – it can be difficult to know where to start. The great thing about playing online poker is that you have no need to worry about your poker face as no-one can see you while you play, and therefore they won’t be able to second guess your strategy as easily as if you were...

7 Gifs You Can Use To Become an Online Sensation

by Syed - on Apr 3rd 2013 - Comments Off
awesome gifs

There are several strategies which you can use in order to become the next big sensation on the web. In addition to doing something out of the line, you will also need to go that extra mile in terms of making people jealous from your success. To begin with, you are required to place a great deal of thought in terms of the qualities and...

Top 10 Funny Bingo Calls

by cyra - on Apr 1st 2013 - Comments Off

We all know a few of the classic bingo calls like two fat ladies for 88 etc., which is self-explanatory. But do you know where some of the others come from? Here, we’ve listed our top ten all-time favourites. Of course, in the online age, some of the magic and history of bingo might be clouded with age. But some bingo sites like Costa...