We are all living in the smartphone era-an era which is marked for some of the most advanced and powerful mobile phones. At times, when you think about switching your smartphone or moving to the one which has a longer battery life, you would need to consider a number of different facets. Firstly, you would need to keep an account of the top smartphone companies in the market. Secondly, you would need to check out the various reviews pertaining to a specific model in which you might be interested in. Thirdly, you would need to consider the processing speed of the smartphone, as there are a number of different models out there which deliver a superior battery life, but with diminished performance. What is the point or rationality in the purchase of a product which is going to do nothing more than just deliver a longer battery? When it comes to performance plus a longer battery, then the names like Samsung, Nokia, HTC and some other might strike your mind. Surely, the Apple products do lag behind in terms of the comparison with the Samsung android devices and products. In addition to this, you also need to adhere to the warranty which is given by the android mobile companies. Although most of the companies do not prefer to add the battery in the domain of their warranty, but still it is best to look for those companies which make use of some high quality batteries in their products. There is no use of a smartphone which won’t be able to deliver a superior battery life. Imagine the consequences of this, when you would need to make an important call, but on taking out your smartphone, you will be frustrated to see the low battery message pop while initiating the call. So, with all these factors in mind, here are the 5 best smartphones with the longest battery life.

5. Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro

Classified to be a tough and a fantabulous smartphone, Rugby Pro is one of those mobiles you would love to purchase keeping in view its long lasting battery. The price is also another factor for which you would prefer to purchase it. The talk time for this mobile phone is about 11 hours.

4. HTC One X Plus

The mechanism behind the superior battery of this android phone is the superior processing technology. The quad core circuits and functionalities ensure that the battery of the phone lasts for a longer time. The talk time of the mobile is around 12 hours, which is quite high in comparison to most of the other android mobiles.

3. Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE

It is one of those smartphones that are known for their high number of sales all over the world. It is reliable as well fast, so why not make a buy here? The approximate battery time for this mobile is around 7 to 8 hours.

2. Motorola Droid Razor MAXX HD

Advertised for its extended battery life, this android phone has been designed to give the customers exactly what they had been looking for. Capable of supporting 4G and 3G networks, the talk time for this mobile is about 32 hours. The core reason for this being the 3300 mAh battery which it makes use of.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note II

When it comes to having a superior processing speed together with an enhanced battery timing, then Samsung Galaxy Note II would be a good purchase. It also packs a number of other goodies including an 8MP camera, LED Flash, Slow Motion Video Capture and much more. The standby time it provides is around 890 hours which is just amazing. The battery time for this mobile is around 35 hours for 2G and nearly 16 H for 3G connectivity.