A number of researches which have been conducted on the anxiety patterns in Americans revealed that most of them are of the view that they regret for wasting so much time in worrying about things. The complexity of the anxiety patterns in individuals do come to vary a lot which is the reason for which hundreds of researches are being made on this topic. People also describe about those years of their lives which they wasted in thinking about things that never happened. Thinking is good for your health, but only when it is directed in optimistic directions. Being optimistic does not puts an end to your troubles, but it surely gives you the courage to combat any hardships that come your way. In order to control the noises and thoughts behind your head, you would need to do some meditation. It is time you let go of all your anxieties and start feeling good. Feeling good is one of the best things you would be able to do in your life. The same applies to making other people happy, which is indeed the noblest of all the deeds. Whether you are a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh or agnostic, the gist of humanity lies in helping out others. In the end it is all going to count whether you like it or not. Here are the 7 good reasons to stop worrying.

7. Anxiety Does no Good

Soren Kierkegaard said in this regard that anxiety is more like the dizziness of freedom. You must value the freedom you have in your life at all times, as you have no idea what is it to be a slave and being ruled by some foreign power. Ask the people of the Sub Continent who were ruled by the British. Ask the former soviet states, ask the people of the states which were invaded by the Good for nothing Nazis. So, never allow anxiety take you down.

6. Worry is a waste of time

There is no sort of advantage that you will ever be able to experience by worrying. A lot of people have wasted their lives in worrying, but you should never do the same. Never let the researches and ideas which assert that being anxious is also a genetic trait. There is no such thing, as you are the only one who can control your psychological state. Genes are in your control rather you being in theirs.

5. Dying before time

Now this is something that most of you would never want to experience, especially if you are happy with the way your life is going. As worrying is a psychological mechanism, so it does have substantial effects on the functioning of human physiology. In order to be happy and healthy, it is imperative that you stop worrying.

4. Wrong Direction

Always invest your energy in the right direction. You have no idea about the kind and quality of things you can achieve only if you wax in your energies in optimistic dimensions. Worrying puts out of focus and time. In the end the only one who will suffer the most from it is going to be you, so why not say “No” to drugs and worrying.

3. Trusting God

Your trust in the powers of God does depends on worrying. If you worry a lot while knowing you have been faithful and committed to God, it would mean that you do not trust Him after all. Now here some of you might love to think there is no God, but by saying No God, you are actually accepting his existence in one manner or the other. Trust God and trust yourself, as you need it.

2. Distorted Persona

By worrying, you only give a negative impression of yourself. Some of you might not agree with me on this, but it is a fact that people around you do love to be with the people who always remain happy. It might seem bizarre, but there is a lot of worry in the world, more than you can imagine, so why not be the first one to say “Adios” to your worries and anxieties.

1. Positive Anticipation

Anticipation is indeed good, but anticipating worries extensively is not good at all. Have your parents raised you with the intent that my child will lead a worrisome life. Even if your parents did nothing for you, even then, it is your duty to live your life tension free. Till now millions of people have wasted their lives and times in the process of worrying, but you should not be included among them. Not you, not you.