It is a general conception that the film industry is marked for high levels of payouts. I would agree with it, but firstly you should consider that not everyone is able to make his mark in the industry. In fact, people spend years and years in terms of making a place for themselves. From the outside, it might appear to be quite appealing and lavishing, but the truth is revealed only when you take a look at the inside. In other words, you would be required to perform a great deal of hard work in order to remain a part of it all. But as soon as you are going to lose your momentum, it is going to throw you out like a used handkerchief. So, it is best if you keep yourself prepared for the best and the worst at the same time. Having said this, here are the 5 highest paying jobs in the film industry 2013.

5. Art director

The art director is the person who works in close collaboration with the producer as well as the director. In fact, it is quite a daunting task, which not everyone would be able to handle with a great deal of efficacy. They are responsible for tracing out the places and locations which would best come to suit the specific shot which needs to be taken.

4. Actor

Yes, the actor is the person who is always able to earn a lot no matter what kind of performance the film would give. Whether the film fails at the box office or manages to earn some huge profits, the actor is the only one who is always going to get his or her share. Yes, I agree that the small or the part time actors do not get paid with a handsome amount, but those who remain committed and steadfast are the ones who bag all the goodies.

3. Editor

Now here is the job which is indeed one of the most technical of them all. The slightest of the mistakes in terms of the film editing can put an end to your career no matter how successful you had been in the past. The director might take an endless number of shots and in the end it all depends on the editor to patch up the shots in order to give a holistic image to the story line.

2. Screen Writers and Directors

The screen writers happen to be the ones who write the story of the movie. In all, the basis of making a great and a high grossing film lies in hiring an experienced screen writer. On the other hand, the director of a movie can be defined as being the captain of the ship who is responsible for the outcome in terms of the profits the film is able to bag.

1. Producer

All the things that take place before the process of film making, in between and after the movie, are financed by the producer. There is no end to the profits a producer is able to earn. At the same time, he or she also happens to be the one who would be placing a great deal of money at stake. There is no end to the examples of the movies which despite of being backed by a great deal of investment were not able to make it to the mark. Trust me when I say that being a producer is not a job for the faint hearted. But if you think that you have that special touch in terms of knowing that which film would be able to perform better on the box office, then surely this is the job you should go for.