The defensive strength of a country can be evaluated in lines to the country’s army. Having a strong and large army is like a need with which all of the countries need to comply with. Moreover, it is also a fact that in terms of the largest armies, the Asian Countries are the ones in the lead. The reason for this being the fact that China and India are classified among the top 5 largest armies. In some countries, the participation in the armed forces has been termed to be mandatory. The top nations in the world dedicate a large sum of their GDP towards the defense sector. The past times are gone now, as the wars are fought with the use of nuclear weaponry these days. Some of the defense strategists are of the view here that keeping a large army is like keeping your budget burdened. The investment in the weaponry sector should be the thing which should be given prime importance. Surely, men are no match to the powers of a nuclear bomb. Having said this, here are the 5 largest armies in the world.

5. North Korea

At number 5 is the country which is known for being the most courageous in the world, especially in terms of placing open challenges to the super power nations. With nearly 1 million active members, North Korea is classified to be among those countries who have the most aggressive armies. The government of the country has termed having a large army to be the symbol of power and glory.

4. Russia

Surely, Russia was the one who defeated Nazi Germany in the 2nd world war. After the WWII, the former Soviet Union was known for having the largest army in the world. But with the fall of communism in the country, the numbers of military personnel were reduced. The economic dynamics have also played a major role in terms of determining the military strength of the country.

3. India

With such a large population, having nearly 1.1 million active military personnel, should not come as much of a surprise. Moreover, the company also happens to be in the lead in terms of the GDP allocation towards the defense sector.

2. United States of America

There is no doubt in terms of stating that the United States military happens to be the strongest in the world. Whether it be the technological advancements or strategic control over the oil fields in the world, there is no country that can come close to the United States.

1. China

The number of military personnel in China happen to be double in number in comparison to other countries. In fact, it can be said that China is going to be the next super nation in the world. As you might have heard that China is the next big thing.  Although at times of the WWII, China had been overrun by the Japanese, but now the situation is completely different. Japan cannot even dare to think about doing the same to China all over again.