In terms of discussing about the celebrities, you would first need to know about the exact definition. In other words, you would need to know that who can be called a celebrity. In simple, the celebrities are those fine individuals who are the icons of the fashion, film, drama or the sports industries. At the same time, some of the politicians have also been termed to be celebrities in the United States. It is visible that the word celebrity is so diverse, that a specific formula or definition cannot be agreed upon. Having said this, you would be thinking about the amount of wealth these people have. Now here, I would be sharing with you the 5 richest celebrities in America 2013. Some of these people can be taken as inspirations, especially by those who are looking for a breakthrough in their careers. Here is the list.

5. Giorgio Armani

Armani is one of those clothing brands that are known for being famous not only in the 1st world countries, but also in a number of underdeveloped countries as well. The credit for the fame of this company can be linked to the owner, Giorgio Armani. His wealth had been estimated to be around $ 7. 5 billion.

4. George Lucas

The estimated wealth of this more than famous star icon is around $ 7.8 billion according to some reliable sources. Not to forget that he was the guy who had been credited for the amazing star wars series. Moreover, he has also sent his company, LucasFilm Company in a multibillion dollars deal with Disney. At the same time, he has also placed his investment in different sectors and industries.

3. Ralph Lauren

Now here we have the person who is known for being a sports enthusiast and a top notch fashion magnate. The estimated wealth of Lauren has been calculated to be around $ 7.5-7.7 billions. He is also one of the few examples of those people who have struggled a lot in terms of arriving at the spot where they stand at the present times.

2. Michael Bloomberg

The reason for his wealth can be linked to him being the Mayor of the NYC. Yes, some of you might disagree with, as the United States is marked for being a country with the limited levels of corruption. His worth has been estimated to be around $ 17 to $ 24 billion which is really a lot of money. He can be classified among the top celebrity politicians in the United States.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

Although Zuckerberg has experienced a number of financial losses, but still he has managed to make it to the top of the list. Some even say that Mark is nothing more than a computer geek who got the right idea at the right time. But in reality, he is much more than you might think of him. The social networking idea had been in his mind for many years. The estimated wealth of Mark is around $ 14 to $ 17 billion. Now here, some of you might disagree in lines to the fluctuations of the stocks of Facebook. In all, this list would indeed prove to be controversial for many.