Buying an expensive dog house for your pup is something that expresses your love the pet. There are a number of dog enthusiasts in the world who do not give preference to money over the well being of their animal. Not so long ago in the UK, a dog wedding took place. The cost of the wedding was around $ 20,000. The price of the dog houses depends on a number of factors including the materials used, the design and on several other related facets. In all, it is always best to go for a house that would prove to be comfortable for the pet. Now here, it can be argued that such high price tags are absurd and are much more than the price of the materials used in the making of these houses. Yes, this is the case with most of these houses. Not surprisingly, only those people prefer to spend these amounts who happen to have a lot of cash stashed in their accounts. In other words, the only reason they have behind spending such huge amounts of money on the dog houses lies in their innate love for the animal. While there are also those who buy these houses just to be a show off. With this said, here is the list of the 5 most expensive dog houses in the world.


For your convenience, I have also added a dog home that is well within the range of most of the people. If you want to give your dog a modern accommodation, then I will recommend the use of this dog home. Moreover, the looks of the structure are also futuristic, primarily because of the glass windows and door.


As the name suggests, this dog house has been designed using the Swiss styles and designs. In other words, your dog would be able to enjoy you the feeling of being in the Swiss Alps. The house has shutters, shingles, a balcony and a number of other compelling features.

3. HOME REPLICA-$ 25,000

By spending an amount of about $ 25000, you would be able to give you pet a replica of your home. By being in this house, your pup would be able to enjoy the same lifestyle and comfort as his or her masters do. There are also some enthusiastic dog home designers who would go as far as using the design and the model of your home for making a similar one for your pup.


The name is really pompous. This dog house is best suited for those dogs who owners are from the Richie Rich family. This home is also well suited for the dogs who have been brought in a luxurious manner.


The dog house has been festooned with more than 7000 crystal beads. The pillow which has been used as one of the prime components of this home looks similar to the Hello Kitty’s Face. This residence is indeed quite luxurious for all sorts of dogs, but it is best if you use for a small sized pet.