In terms of the best places to visit in Sydney we do have a number of options to choose from. Also known by the name of the harbor city, Sydney boasts of having a limitless number of attractions for tourists and travelers from all corners of the world. Furthermore, it is nothing less than a mecca for the travelers who crave to travel to all the wonderful sites in the world. There is no end to the things which one would be able to do in the city. You can bask yourself in the sun while enjoying the beach view, enjoy a performance at the famous opera house, take a stroll across the enchantments of the royal botanic house or even enjoy at the night clubs located in the city. In short, you are never going to get bored while being in the city which is marked for being an enamoring panoramic location for all those who inspire beauty and tranquility. Your aspirations are sure to be accelerated, for which all you need to do is plan a visit to this rejuvenating land mass. After the entire day of excitement, you would definitely need a place to lodge. With this said, here is the list of the top 5 best, wonderful, amazing and exciting places to stay in Sydney.

5. Stayz

Stayz after a never before accommodation facility to all tourists and travelers. Moreover, the rental apartments they offer come in all shapes and prices. You can also go for the advance booking option in order to secure a bunker for yourself.

4. The Intercontinental

Recognized among the top class chain of hotels, this place has the potential to offer you with a never before lodging experience. The hotel is really customer friendly with a wide range of deals and discounts all of which can be availed online. The view from the front side rooms is also amazing, which is really going to be worth your investment. You might also have heard about the name of this outclass hotel while stumbling across top 10 lists. The rooms they offer have been decorated in the most contemporary styles in order to ensure that you return to the place time and back again.

3. The Dive Hotel-Coogee

Perfectly positioned close to the top tourist attractions and sites in the city, The Dive Hotel is marked for its comfortable rooms, top notch facilities and affordable rates. You would also be able to enjoy all sorts of cuisines and dishes by placing an order. Moreover, you can also place a request for the chef for making a special dish for you and your loved ones. The beach view which the hotel offers is also another facet which you must admire.

2. The Park Hyatt

For those who want to experience some stunning views of the city, there is no place else which can match the Park Hyatt. Known to be one of the best 5 star hotels in the region, the hotel has now set a new benchmark for all other hotels to follow. Your life might be hectic, but the stay at this hotel is not. Also famous for being the masters of the food and wine, the hotel also boasts of offering a never before harbor front view.

1. The Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

For those of you who are looking for a never before tranquil vibe, this hotel is the place where you should plan to be. The price for a one night stay at the hotel is also affordable, which should be enough for you in terms of rationalizing your decision for giving it a try. The number of reviews which have been given to this hotel serve as an open testament to the extraordinary services which it offers to travelers from all corners of the world. Some of their customers even say that Sydney is all about staying at Watsons Bay Hotel.