Women with short hair do look appealing at these times. There are numerous reasons for which some women these days do prefer to keep shorthair. Making oneself different from all other women, looking attractive and sexy are some of the reasons for this preference. Whether it be the modern bob style or the pixie cut, a number of hot female celebrities do love to keep shorthair. But just keeping a cocky hairstyle would never be enough, as there are a number of things which you need to ponder. Here is the list of the 5 hottest celebrity women with shorthair.

5. Halle Berry

The acting skills and talents of Halle Berry are really out of the question. The same also applies to her more than sexy and hot looks. Yes, there are also a number of other factors which determine the psychic appeal in your personality together with your hair. Halle Berry, a top fashion model, really knows how to add more to her persona which is already too awesome.

4. Keira Knightley

A top English actress and a great model, Keira Knightley is all about her short hair these days. In addition to having a well-toned appearance, her hair is also one of the most attractive feature of her personality.

3. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is not only famous in the first world regions, but also happens to be a well-known name all over the world. The fantastic four heroine really knows how to make men crave her. Changing her hair style now and then is a part of her strategic approach in terms of asserting her importance.

2. Elisha Cuthbert

There is no end to the women who prefer to copy the hair style and looks of this famous celebrity. In terms of her hairstyle it is imperative to notice that she hasn’t changed her short hair for quite some time.

1. Emma Watson

It is a fact that the fan following of Emma Watson in millions. Whatever you get to hear about are all exaggerated figures. But still we cannot undermine the fact that her hair is truly amazing. In terms of the positive response and recognition in lines to her short haircut, Emma should think about maintaining it for a long time. Emma does prefers to have the feminine look at times, but not always. She has kept some hairstyles which did not even fit with her persona, but now she seems to be getting the grip on it. The Emma Watson you see today is quite different from a few years back.