When it comes to the rap industry, then there are some rap songs that never get old. The examples of the songs that never get old including C.R.E.A.M., the song which is soon going to be 20 years old. A lot of people enter into the rap industry with limitless number of bright ideas and open minds. Moreover, almost all of them are confident that they would be able to make their mark in a matter of no time, but most of the times things do not go out as planned. In other words, fame and fortune do not favor the brave in these times, especially in the music industry. The list of the richest rappers in the world which I would be sharing with you has been complied in order to give you an idea about the large amounts of cash which some rappers are earning. Furthermore, you would also be able to understand the reality of the rap world only by taking into account the billion dollar industry. The form of rapping which we see today is quite different from the traditional forms of rapping. In simple, the rap world today is all about personification, hip hop, some dirty language, love, death, life, darkness and much more. On seeing the names of the famous rappers on the list, some of you will experience some jealously, which is completely natural. It is the human nature to envy some people who are no different than others, but still get the most out of their life. Here is the list.

5. Bryan Birdman Williams

With a net worth of about $ 125 million, Williams has always been the center of the news in the rap industry. Moreover, he also managed to earn a lot of fame because of his direction skills. Cash Money Records and all other related deals offer a complete account about the “on the go” earnings of Williams.

4. Dr. Dre Young

When it comes to the discovery of the new talent together with bagging a great deal of cash, then Dr. Dre is the name which you should never underestimate. The net worth of this guy is about $ 260 million. Furthermore, he is also not a new name when it comes to branding of tech gadgets.

3. Percy Robert Miller aka Master P

In terms of his net worth, which is about $ 350 millions, he has managed to make it to the number 3 spot in the list. There are a number of sources from which his profits come through, including his roles in the motion pictures. He is also ranked among the top 40 richest entertainers in the United States of America.

2. Jay Z Carter

In addition to being one of the top rappers in the world, he is also married to one of the most celebrated women in the domains of music and entertainment, Beyonce. His net worth if about $ 460 million.

1. Sean Diddy Combs

His net worth of about $ 500 million is what due to which he can be termed to be the richest rapper for the year 2013. He has done a number of signing, rapping and fashion ventures. The offers from the side of the top cosmetic, fashion and tech industries is just a fragment of the earnings he is bagging these days.