There is no end to the beautiful and amazing college campuses in the United States. The list of the most beautiful college campuses I am here to share with you is going to give you an idea about how amazing beauty can be. There are also some campuses which are surrounded by sunny beaches due to which most of the students might want to skip their classes in order to have some fun time. Moreover, the cities and towns where they are located can be termed as being the coolest in terms of having the most awe inspiring college campuses in the United States. The reason for the beauty of these colleges can be linked to the architectural perfection, in depth planning and to the incorporation of nature into the settings. The environment of the academic settings has a profound impact on the learning curve and the psyche of the students. Unfortunately, most of the 3rd world countries still fail to recognize the importance of having the same college campuses as there are in the first world nations. Another thing to note here is the fact that in most of the countries the private institutions seem to be the forefront of offering their students the best natural and environmental settings to study in, but at soaring prices. The life at the college or the university is indeed the core factor that makes a campus beautiful. At the time of choosing an institution for their child, the parents do take these factors into account in addition to keeping into view the quality of education that is being offered. With this said, here is the list of the 5 most beautiful college campuses in the United States of America.

5. St. Olaf College


4. Dominican University


3. Sewanee-The University of the South


2. Macalester College

1. University of Washington