Birmingham’s NEC will play host to Motorcycle Live 2013 from 23 November 2013 to 1 December 2013 and it is your chance to see all the latest gadgets and models.

Tickets cost £17 for adults, £7 for children aged between six and 16 and £11 for senior citizens aged 65 or over. So what are the most eagerly awaited technology developments expected to be unveiled at this year’s show?


Semi-active suspension

Just once in a while, a new gadget comes along in the world of motorcycling that results in a paradigm shift in what’s considered possible. The development of semi-active suspension by several European manufacturers is one such development, with a couple of models from BMW and Ducati already sporting the technology.

The benefit of semi-active suspension is that it helps riders to maintain a taut control of the road while riding aggressively, limiting longitudinal forces when braking hard. The motorcycling world awaits the next developments in semi-active suspension with bated breath, especially considering this revolutionary technology is actually within the price range of the average enthusiast at an estimated 500 Euros.


‘What?!’ I hear you exclaim – yes, a helmet and at a cost of around £1295. This isn’t just any helmet – it’s a helmet packed with all of the latest technology.

With a head-up display that utilises a projector mounted in the shell behind your head, it is equipped with a number of mirrors to project a semi-translucent image into your line of vision. It has Bluetooth to boot, the helmet is as high-tech as motorcycle accessories get and is expected to wow the crowds in November.

Smartphone app

Despite initial reservations about how impressive a smartphone app could be as an essential piece of motorcycle equipment, it soon became clear that this app is awesome! The app basically acts a digital dashboard, adjusting power and speed for maximum efficiency. With this app, there is potentially no longer any need to pull out wrenches or uses gauges.

Inflatable safety gear

The multiple-award winning Danish Motorcycle Apparel Company has been leading the way in terms of motorcycle safety development over the past few years, with impressive inflatable jackets and neck braces that provide more than adequate protection for the body. The company has been relatively quiet lately, so it would certainly be nice to see what they have up their sleeves at the NEC.

Bluetooth Communication

A leading light in the world of Bluetooth for motorcyclists, Cardo has announced plans to replace their popular TeamSet, Solo and Q2Pro intercom systems with the Q1 and Q3 models, both of which boast increased performance, as well as an updated appearance.

The revelation that the Q1 offers music sharing by tuning into the frequency of your smartphone, as well as FM radio and voice activation, all in casing that is both waterproof and dustproof, has had some chomping at the bit to try it.


Garmin never fail to impress the hordes with their bike-friendly GPS apparatus. The latest model – the Zumo 390LM – adds improved Bluetooth functionality and tyre pressure monitoring in real-time, in addition to the new Curvy Roads feature.

Motorcycle jack

Made in the United Kingdom, 1Jac is definitely being showcased at the NEC, which will excite those interested in the maintenance of their own bikes. The 1Jac is made from the highest quality materials with precision engineering and was developed with the help of 10 times FIM World Champion, Steve Webster MBE. The gadget allows the bike to be moved easily even when its wheels have been removed.

Paint Protection film

3MM Motorsport Bikes are also definitely making an appearance at the NEC, which means that motorcyclists will be able to get their hands on the new VentureShield paint protection fill. The company have purportedly patented a number of new models this year, so they will almost certainly be available to anyone who has a bike.

Action Cameras

Motorcycle cameras are becoming more and more advanced and Action Cameras are Europe’s leading specialist in such items and will be selling all of the latest cameras mounts and accessories from all of the leading brands.

Motorcycle security

The last breakthrough in motorcycle security was arguably the Electronic Granit Detecto 800 Disc Lock, which sounds an alarm upon detecting any changes in positioning or attempts to remove the lock. This is an incredibly impressive gadget, for which this writer for one is incredibly grateful. For this reason, he and many others await new developments with baited breath.