Russia and the US might be at the forefront of manufacturing the most destructive missiles in the world, but there are other countries in the league as well. It seems like spending billions of dollars in modern warfare is a need which no country can afford to avoid. The attack can come at any time and from any side. History tells us that even the best of friends can turn enemies. The WWII can be taken as an example of this fact. Germany and Russia were almost on the same side at the start of the War, but Hitler’s Greed for more resources and control changed the scene. In the end, it was Russia which defeated Nazi German, but at the cost of the lives of millions of soldiers and citizens. The missiles which are being made these days are quite different in the sense that they eliminate the need of keeping of a large army. No matter what the strength of an attacking army might be, a small nuclear missile will be more than enough to level the ground. This said, here is the list of the 10 most destructive expensive missiles in the world.

most destructive missiles

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10. Precision Killing System II

The cost of this missile rests at about $ 28000 or more. It makes use of the advanced laser tracking systems using which the target is tracked with higher levels of accuracy.

9. Stinger Missile

Stinger is not a new name in the domain of warfare. Costing for about $ 38000, it is used in surface to air combat. The Soviet Union had used this missile during the War with Afghanistan. The US also made use of this missile during the Iraq intervention.

8. Anti-Tank Dragon

Pricing at about $ 51,000, this portable missile comes in handy during the critical times in War. No wonder why the super powers of today prefer to use them on the civilians. The missile say action during the Iran Iraq and Afghan wars.

7. Hellfire Missile

As the name suggests, the missile can easily raise hell on earth in a matter of a few seconds. Costing for about $ 68000 or more, the hellfire missile is an alpha class weapon used to destroy enemy aircrafts and tanks as well. It is also compatible with the rotary wing air crafts.

6. Javelin Missile

The missile has been designed by the United Kingdom. Yes, the country does earn a lot from the sales of this weapon to other countries. The Canadian and British armies are the ones who have used this missile the most number of times. The price tag with the missile is about $ 147,000.

5. Anti-Radiation Missile

This one of a kind missile can really travel at supersonic speed and has the potential to eliminate the target regardless of its size. It is said that this missile comes in handy for tackling and cheating the radar systems. The price tag with this missile is $ 284,000.

4. Air to Surface Cruise Missile-$ 569,000

The missile is well suited for destroying middle range targets. Some of the war equipment experts classify it as a variant of the Tomahawk missile, which was also pretty devastating.

3. Tomahawk Cruise Missile

Powerful, supersonic and expensive, this missile gives the best value for money. Yes, it can really cause a lot of damage to the enemy war machines. The cost for this missile is $ 1.5 million, which is really worth it.

2. Patriot Missile

Launching hell bombs on human population is not patriot at all, but still this missile is being sold over the world under this name. The success rate of the missile is really high, thus making it one of the most desirable weapon in the modern warfare. $ 3 million is the cost for the Patriot Missile.

1. Trident Missile

The missile is capable of being launched from the modern u-boats or submarines. As most of you can guess, the US Navy has this missile in large amounts. However, no accurate estimates can be made about how many of them are being made by the Russians. The price of the missile is $ 65 million, which is really a lot of money.

The prices mentioned above can vary a lot depending upon the limited information which is released by the armies who own them.