Most people think that more money is an important benchmark for higher and superior education. Well that might be somewhat true for the United States which is marked for its expensive education. Most Asian countries believe that America is indeed the most expensive country in the world when it comes to education. Yes, the contributions of the United States in all spheres of arts and science are many, but still there are a number of other countries which deserve some credit. One such country is the former Soviet Union. They were the first ones in space, they had the first female astronaut and a number of other first-ones in everything. However, Russia still lags behind in terms of quality education. In the 2013, more than 150 colleges in the United States charged more than $ 50,000 for college fees. In order to give you some information about these expensive educational institutions, here is the list of the 10 most expensive colleges in America.

most expensive colleges in america

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10. University of Chicago

The cost for studying, room and boarding is more than $ 50,000. In fact, the price is much higher keeping in view the money the students are required for spend on all their college activities. If you do not have a handsome load of money stashed in some corner, it is recommended that you should not think about sending your son or daughter to this institution.

9. Johns Hopkins University

The name of this institution is famous all over the world. However, the cost for one year education in this fine institution goes well beyond $ 57,820 as of 2013.

8. Parsons School of Design

This school is certainly not Hogwarts. There is nothing out of the ordinary that is taught in this institution. They do charge $ 57,910 or more for most of their programs, but there are a number of other good options that you should look for your child.

7. Dartmouth College

The tuition fee for this renowned college is about $ 57,996 or a bit more for 2012-13. The looks of the buildings might be awesome, but the education offered can be questioned.

6. Claremont McKenna College

Located in California, this college is yet another outstanding college. But what’s more outstanding is the tuition fee which tops $ 59,000.

5. Wesleyan University

The tuition fee cost for this great university is $ 58,502. On meeting some students from this university, you will come to know that how expensive education can be in America. Although the government has taken a number of measures to induce price control on this institutions, but still they need to do better than that.

4. Columbia University

This university has indeed produced a number of inventors, scientists and entrepreneurs. In the past, it was not considered to be one of the most expensive universities in the world, but now it is. The fee for this excellent institution is $ 58,742 as of 2012-13.

3. Harvey Mudd College

With a $ 58,913 tuition fee, this college offers a number of graduate and undergraduate courses. However, yet again, the quality of education being offered at such a price can be questioned.

2. NYU

Not long ago, this educational institution held the title for being the most expensive in America. The tuition fee for this university is $ 59,337 now. It is also clear that it has lost its spot.

1. Sarah Lawrence College

At number 1 we have this prestigious, yet expensive college. It is now the most expensive college in the United States according to a number of sources including the chronicle of higher education. The tuition fee of this college is about $ 61,236 or more.