The internet is a place where you get to know a lot of things about your favorite gaming devices. The one device that is in the lead in this regard is Xbox. While you should not allow the negative and paid reviews let you down, as they have nothing to do with reality. This post will help you in rationalizing your choices of buying Xbox. Moreover, it will also be helpful for those who plan to sale their gaming consoles. Here are the 10 reasons you should buy Xbox.


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10. Kinect

One of the best things about Xbox is that it packs a Kinect peripheral. It is due to this component that you will be able to experience a number of extra movements during the gameplay. For those who have not used the console before, it is something that you should try out.

9. Kinect-Your Control

The Kinect, will not in any way, monitor or control what you will do. There are some crazy gamers who are spreading this hoax. The console ensures that you are always in control of the gameplay and not some computer. You can also a number of other options for customizing the manner you want it to be used.

8. Live TV

There is nothing more enjoyable to experience Live TV channels in addition to enjoying the gameplay. The HDMI port is the one thing all live TV lovers will inspire in this gaming console.

7. Controller

The various analogue options and buttons have been designed to offer a never before fun and enjoyment. Using these options, you will be able to make the best use of your cognitive resources. That’s not all, as there are loads and loads of other options you can use.

6. Fitness Program

For those who love to remain fit and healthy, this program will be a life saver. It is said that gamers are bulky and fatty, but not anymore.

5. Smartglass

Smart Glass ensures that you are able to play your favorite games on your android and tablet devices. This is something that was not available to the gamers not long ago.

4. Blue Ray Player

Here is another cool feature of Xbox. If you are a person who likes to experience the blue ray effect, just go for Xbox.

3. Apps

Just like your android device, Xbox offers an endless number of apps for you all designed according to your needs.

2. Price

If you do not wish to buy a new one, you can also get this console at a lower amount from someone who wishes to sell it. However, it is recommended that you go for a new one.

1. The Best

By far, it is the best gaming console out there. All you need to do is consult a person or friend who has been using it from the very start.