By using these 10 cool tips, you will be able to make the most out of your windows 8 experience. Windows 8 is indeed one of the greatest operating systems ever made, however there is still a lot of room for improvement. On reading the title of this post, some of you might think that you do not need any tips for this windows. But let me tell you that most of these tips might really come in handy to you from time to time. Most of you might have started out to feel more and more comfortable with this windows, but now is not the time to stop. There is a lot more about this windows version which most people do not know. With this said, here are the 10 windows 8 tips and tricks that you should try.

windows 8

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10. Windows 8 is loaded with settings which you can easily customize according to your style and needs. The God Mode is one such amazing modification using which you will be able to get a lot more from your Windows 8. It is a form of a hidden folder inside the windows using which you will be able to access a number of cool features and settings. Firstly, unhide the hidden folders and options inside the file explorer. Now run the file explorer, select the view tab option and check or tick the hidden items and extensions options.  as soon as you do this, the name of the folder will change to God mode.

9. You will be able to move any tile, just by simply clicking and then dragging the tile. Moreover, you can also increase or decrease the size of each of the tiles.

8. You can use the mouse wheel in order to navigate from left towards the right through the tiles.

7. Any shortcut which you make on the desktop can be pinned on the start screen. All you need to do is to click the icon of the shortcut and then select the option, pin to start screen.

6. You can make a new speed bump among the different tile groups. All you need to do is to move a tile to the speed bump section.

5. You can also resize any tile just by right clicking on it and then selecting the resizing option.

4. Using the internet explore in windows 8, you can tag in or mark your favorite websites and programs on the start screen.

3. The admin apps can be made to appear on the start screen. All you need to do is click the settings in the charm section and then changing the administrative tools appearance.

2. Using the Windows +M keys, you will be able to minimize everything that is being shown on the desktop.

1. Using the Windows Key in addition to the key I, opens up the settings menu. Using it, you will be able to get a quick access to the control panel.