The movies made on WWII might not appeal most of you, but you should still watch some of them. One main reason is the fact that some of them are based on real life events. A number of things happened during the war. Trust me when I say that this war changed the course of the world and the lives of billions. Millions were killed and a lot more were rendered homeless. It was a war that only changed America but also the rest of the world. The post is dedicated to those fine men regardless of their county and the side on which they fought. The lives of some of these brave men have been depicted in the movies I am about to share with you. Here are the best World War II movies that were based on real life events.

5. Das Boot

Das Boot has been rated as the best submarine movie ever to be made. The movies that were made afterwards are simply copy cads of what was shown in the movie. It is also said that no matter how hard a director or writer might try, he or she will never be able to match what the movie produced. What’s more interesting to note is the fact that the movie is based on real life events.

Das Boot

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4. The Dairy of Anne Frank

Wars are not only fought by soldiers, but also by little girls. Some of these girls happened to be teenage girls during WWII. When the movie was released, there were a number of scenes that were banned from being displayed. It is best if you watch the movie after reading the book. You will then realize the fact that WWII actually happened and that there was nothing good about the war.



3. Letters from Iwo Jima

Now here we have another great WWII movie that is not based on the Allied perspectives. Well, some of the critics have been skeptical about what was shown in the movie, but trust me, that most of the events depicted were true. For all American readers, this battle was the most viscous one ever to be fought by the American soldiers. It was a battle that tested both sides. The movie also shows that there were some Japanese officers and men in addition to the Americans, who valued human life.

Letters from Iwo Jima


2. The Great Escape

Life as a POW-Prisoner of War is more demanding and hectic that you can imagine. No matter to which country you might belong to, it is your duty to make every attempt to escape as a POW. The same has been shown in the movie that is an expression of human freedom, courage and sacrifice. Most of what has been shown in the movie is based on reality.

The Great Escape


1. The Pianist

This movie is remembered as the one of the best WWII movies of all time. The film is also an expression that humanity was alive during the WWII. It gives out a message that one should always value another human being regardless of his or her religious beliefs. It is simply because that in flesh and blood, we are all Adam and Eve. The movie was also nominated for a number of prestigious awards.

The Pianist

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