Alexander the Great, is remembered as the man, who came really close to conquering the world. In terms of the available information about this Great King, there are a number of controversies. Obviously most of the stories about him lack evidence which is the reason for which we should never prefer to accept any information. It should also be noted here that the man was indeed great in every sense. His knowledge, military skills, courage and ability to conquer vast lands is unmatched. Here are  top 10 most interesting facts about Alexander the Great.



10. Birth

He was born in the month of July, 356 BC. The exact date of his birth is difficult to estimate and the material available in this regard is also somewhat vague.

9. Parents

He was son of the Phillip II of Macedonia. His mother’s name was Olympias who was also the daughter of a famous king in those times. There are also some other kings of those times who are believed to be the father of Alexander, but the most intriguing evidence asserts that Phillip II was his father.

8. Education

He learned most of his skills, abilities and competencies from the Greek Philosopher, Aristotle. It is also said that Aristotle had sensed greatness in Alexander a long time before he had become a king.

7. Wariness

Alexander had always been cautious about the people around him. In fact, he was wary of even his close associates.

6. King

He had been given the throne after the assassination of his father. There are also a number of controversies about the assassination of Phillip II. It is also said that Alexander himself had planned the murder of his father.

5. Children

Both of his sons had been killed before they reached their adulthood. Thus it can be said that the bloodline of alexander had ended forever.

4. Gordian Knot

It is often said that Alexander was the person who had untied the Gordian Knot. It was believed that the person to untie the knot will be able to conquer all of Asia.

3. Death

In 323 BC, while returning home from the Indo Pak subcontinent, he became seriously ill which became the cause of his death at the age of 33. Nothing can be said for sure about what type of disease killed this man who almost conquered the whole world.

2. Wives

He had three wives according to some reliable sources. Roxane, Statiera and Parysatis are the names of his three wives.

1. Greek Culture

One of his greatest achievements were that he had laid the foundation of a number of great cities and regions. In short, it was because of him that the culture of Greece had spread out to all corners of the world.