Space, time and infinity are some of the words that have always haunted us. Most of us will never get a chance to be in safe. In fact, all of us, except a few lucky ones will be able to travel to space. When it comes to understanding space, there is quite little that is known to us. No matter how far we might travel, the final frontier will always continue to get weirder. So what is it that we don’t know about space? There is a lot that we don’t know. In order to know a few things, it is best if you continue reading this post. Here are the 10 amazing facts about space.


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10. Weight

Most of the planets in the space are quite lightweight. Some researchers are of the view that there are some planets that will actually float if placed on water. The density of some of the planets is so low that we cannot even estimate their exact weight.

9. Movement

Every single human is moving in space every single second. You might not be aware of it, but we are all travelling at the speed of more than 500 KMPH. There are a number of reasons for which we fail to realize this fact. The same holds true for the Milky Way which is also in the state of constant movement.

8. The Moon

It might sound sad to all lunatics in the world, but the moon is moving away from the earth. It can also be said that very soon there might be no moon. Not all scientists agree to this fact which is the reason for which we should not give up our hopes yet.

7. The Ancient Light

According to an estimate that the light we see on earth is millions of years old. It has always been falling on the earth since the start and will continue to fall till the end. Who is behind this light? Or what made this light? Well, it is a question that is best left for you to answer.

6. Losses to the Sun

It has been estimated that the sun is always in state of losing billions of Kgs. The cause behind these losses are the solar winds which always haunt the sun. It might sound weird, but the sun is also vulnerable to a number of things just like the earth.

5. Big Dipper

The big dipper about which a number of people talk is not a constellation. According to some reliable sources it is a form of asterism. It can be defined as some pattern in which starts from groups. It should also be noted that an asterism might contain stars from a number of constellations.

4. Uranus

The original name of Uranus was George’s star. This name was given by the person who discovered it for the first time. So in honour of his discovery he was given a chance to name it. The name of the person was Sir William Herschel.

3. Moons, Moons and Moons

It is said that earth has a number of moons. The most recent estimates assert that the earth has at least 4 moons. The views of the experts are again different in this regard.

2. Sunspot Activity

The enchanting sound of Stradivarius violins and other related music can be linked to the sunspot activity. It is a matter that has been subject to a wide range of studies and investigations.

1. Metallic Attraction

It is believed that if two pieces of metals will come in contact with one another in space, they will be stuck. In other words, they will be somewhat merged into one another. It might sound weird, but it is a fact about space that we cannot deny.