There is no doubt in saying that Game of Thrones is the best show ever. In addition to having the highest IMBD rating, it has also been critically acclaimed by the critics. Some of you might not be into watching it, but that does not change the reality i.e. Game of Thrones is watched by millions who like it and love it. This post will enlighten you in a variety of ways. Here are the 10 things you should know about the Game of Thrones.

10. The Direwolf

Sansa Stark’s direwolf had been adopted by her. Let me help you recall that the wolf had been killed on the orders of King Joffery. It is also a fact that the Sophie Turner’s family had also fallen in love with the wolf. She also made a statement that she had always wanted a dog for their home, but her parents never allowed one.

9. 1400’s War

This war was one of the main inspiration behind the plot of the show. It is a fact that monarchies during those times preferred to inbreed for the purpose of ensuring bloodline pedigrees. The case of Jamie and Cersei is an open testament to this fact.

8. Harry Lloyd

Harry Lloyd, who played the role of Viserys Targaryen happens to be from the bloodline of Charles Dickens. Surprised, right?

7. The Wall

The wall which you see every now and then in the TV show is actually inspired from Hadrian’s Wall. Martin is of the view that his depiction of the wall is larger and more magical than the original wall.

6. Jack Gleeson’s Confession

He might not be able to play the role of King Joffery every again. He is of the view that he no longer enjoys the role has been given. Another reason behind this lack of interest is his preference for humanitarian efforts.

5. Lily Allen’s Brother

Theon greyjoy happens the real life younger brother of the singer Lily Allen.

4. The Horse Heart

Most of you might have been surprised to see Khaleesi eat the horse heart. It was actually 7 pounds of gummy like mass. She told that the experience was not amazing at all, as the director had told me that it will taste delicious, but it didn’t.

3. Da Vinci’s Machine

The title sequence of the show has been inspired from one of Da Vinci’s machine. The map which has been presented offers an overview of the varying cultures that exist in the world. The cogs are used to represent the struggle amongst the different families for power and glory.

2. George R.R. Martin

He is of the view that this fantasy needs a lot of truth in order to become worth reading. He is continually doing research in order to search for more facts and figures to be added in the show.

1. His Life

Martin leads a normal life. There is nothing about his life that is different. He eats at local restaurants, meets his fans and drives an old Mazda. The same holds true for his past life in which he was also normal like all others around him.