Intercontinental BM can be classified as major nuclear deterrents capable of causing a lot of havoc and destruction. There are only a few nations and countries who actually possess this technology. The different sources agree with one another that underdeveloped countries like India and Pakistan do not possess this technology. The same holds true for Iran, but nothing can be said for sure. This post is going to cover the 10 LRBMs with the longest ranges. You will be surprised to note the distances some of these missiles are capable of travelling. Here are the 10 longest range ballistic missiles in the world.

For some of the missiles, the actual images could not be found.

10. RSM-56 Bulava-Russia

This Russian missile is capable of travelling 10,000 KM. It is capable of being launched from a submarine which is the reason for its threat. The submarines that launch these missiles have an unlimited range. In other words, it means that Russia can target any country at any time through this missile.

RSM-56 Bulava-Russia

9. SS-19 Stiletto-Russia

Yet again, the range of this Russian missile is 10,000 km. keeping in view this range, it is evident that most of the nuclear powered nations are well within the range of Russia including its rival, USA. However, USA also has the same power and most devastating missiles due to which Russia won’t dare.

SS-19 Stiletto-Russia

8. M51 ICBM-France

It is also a submarine launched inter-continental weapon which has a rage of 10000 km. It was developed by France. It was included in the French Navy in the year 2010. There is also a plan to make a modified version of this missile which nuclear warheads.

M51 ICBM-France

7. LGM-30G-USA

This ballistic missile is another weapon that has one of the longest ranges. It was initially launched in 1961 by the United States. That’s not all, as it is capable of travelling at a speed of 15,000 KMPH.


6. Topol-M-Russia

The range of this missile is 11,000 Km according to a number of sources. It has the potential to carry a 550KT nuclear warhead which can indeed cause a lot of destruction to the enemy regions. That’s not all, as it has the capability of carrying a number of decoys at the same time in order to keep the enemy confused.


5. DongFeng 31A-China

Capable of carrying a 1000 KT warhead and with a range of 11,200 KM, this missile is owned by China. It can be launched from Silos and through some other measures. The firing mechanism is based on a 3 stage process.

DongFeng 31A-China

4. UMG-133 Trident-USA

It has a range of 11,300 KM and is currently being used by USA and UK. The US Navy had adopted the missile in 1990 and since then it has been integral component of their war tactics. The top speed of the missile is about 13,000 MPH.

UMG-133 Trident-USA

3. RSM-54-Russia

The range of this missile is about 11,547 KM. The delta IV class of Russian submarines are capable of carrying these missiles. It was inducted into actual service in 2007, but it will be some time when it will become fully operational.


2. DF-5A China

It is one of the longest range ballistic weapons in the world. Its range is about 13,000 KM. The country plans to increase its range and targeting system. It should be noted that this missile covers North and South American regions as claimed by China.

DF-5A China

1. SS-18 Satan-Russia-16000 km

It is evident that this ballistic missile has the longest range in the world. Its range and rage really poses a major threat to all major countries in the world. It can carry a 550 KT warhead. One of the first variants of this missile had been made by the former Soviet Union.

SS-18 Satan-Russia