The New Year is a great time to expand your horizons and to see what you might have been missing out on. Here are 10 apps that you might have overlooked but which - one way or another – might just give you the means to brighten up the rest of your winter.

My fitness pal is a great way to calculate precisely how many calories you are consuming. It’s amazing how they all mount up once you start to take it seriously. There’s also an add on that will calculate how many of those cheeky calories you’re burning as well. Given the time of year, we thought this one should go top of the list.




Moovit may sound like it’s an exercise app but we’re not that predictable. Instead it’ll answer your resolution to be more green as it will put you in touch with all the real-time public transport information you could ever need. We reckon this solves about 80 per cent of everything that’s wrong with public transport. Go green!


by  conner395 


Tradefair is an app that opens up the world of financial spread betting. It offers a fast track to the same buzz as a stock market trader, but without having to find a million pounds of someone else’s money to set the ball rolling. A free to play learn-as-you-go tutorial will let you learn what you need to know before you start to invest for real, but once you do be ready for some serious excitement. Who’d have thought the stock market could be so much fun?


by  Perpetualtourist2000 


Vouchercodes is all about saving you money – no bad thing at this time of year. It’ll tell you where the latest discounts are and how you can get hold of them. Why pay full price when you don’t need to? Vouchercodes is the way to stay ahead of the retailers and to beat them at their own game.


by  codepo8 


Google translate is the best there is for getting your message across. With over 70 languages catered for and the ability to read through your camera – great for menus, signs etc. – as well as spoken words, Google’s translation app is the shape of things to come. Don’t leave home without it!


by  misterbisson 


Twickets is all about trading gig tickets, but the great thing about it is that no-one is allowed to charge more than the face value. It means you can offload spares, or pick up rare tickets without anyone paying over the odds.


by  Hryck. 


Hotel My Phone allows you to ship your phone number onto a friend’s handset. If your battery has gone flat or you’ve left your phone behind (again!) Hotel My Phone lets you send and receive texts and calls with your own number. Easy peasy!




by  JD Hancock 


Clean Master does what you might imagine – it cleans. It continuously clears up memory space on your phone and detects cookies and any malware that might be flying about.


by  garlandcannon 


Appy Geek is giving away trade secrets. But if you want to keep bang up to date with all the very latest tech trends and news then Appy Geek is the way to do it. It streams all the latest tech news feeds directly to you. You need never be more than a microsecond out of touch



by  Arthur40A 

Singles near me is all about dating on your doorstep. All you need is your postcode and some spare time – the rest is up to you! The app tells you who is single and interested in dating near you and allows you to start to get to know each other. The same provider have a flings near me app, too. We couldn’t possibly comment.

by  Thomas8047