The world we live in, has many strange and nearly impossible-to-understand things that happen around us. They leave us wandering about the reasons behind, and the logical explanations of, what happens. There exist a large number of weird phenomenon around us; today we have come up with some of craziest science related stuffs that you never knew. Continue reading after the break.

10. Laughing Too Much Can Actually KILL:

10. Laughing Too Much Can Actually KILL

A person who normally laughs on even small things is taken as a happy and a jolly person. You must have heard the well known saying, “Excess of anything is not good”. Does that actually mean that even laughing too much is dangerous? Well! Yes that is true; there are cases where people couldn’t control their laughter and died. 2Spare states one such case, “In the third century B.C. the Greek philosopher Chrysippus died of laughter after seeing a donkey eating figs”.

9. WARNING: Beware of the ‘Gay Weapon’:

9. WARNING! Beware of the Gay Weapon

Start listing down all the possible things that can turn a normal guy in to a gay and you’ll end up with just one major thing on the list, i.e. An extremely HOT guy who is hot enough to turn you in to a gay. But hey! I think that is not the only reason; let me add one more thing to your list. The U.S Air Force Research Laboratory speculated about producing a non-lethal chemical weapon (It is a bomb actually) that can turn a straight man in to gay. The idea was to use this bomb on the enemy troops and this is an obvious thing that the bomb if dropped will cause ‘Homosexual Behaviour’. Now my question is, would you be able to concentrate on fighting the enemy troops if you just find out that the guy next to you is the hottest and the most charming person on the planet?(Obviously, this will happen after they’ve dropped the bomb).

8. Hypnosis Works On Chickens Too:

8. Hypnosis Works On Chickens Too

So, it is not only human beings who can be hypnotized; you can hypnotize chickens as well. Just grab a chicken, hold its head down against the ground and draw a line on the ground, starting from its beak and moving away in a staright line infront of the chicken. Repeat this over and over again and if the chicken becomes immobile for a time anywhere between 15 seconds to half an hour, that means you are successful.

7. Human Males Can Breastfeed:

7. Human Males Can Breastfeed

The use of medication that stimulates the mammary glands in a human male, can actually make them capable of breastfeeding. Males suffering from prostate cancer are usually given harmonal treatments, which cause lactation as a side effect. Lactation can also be induced by constant massage over a long period of time.

6. Your Hand Can Be Yours No More:

6. Your Hand Can Be Yours No More

A nerogical disorder (Alien Hand Syndrome) can cause your hand to go out of your control and act independant of the rest of your body. It mostly occurs after storkes, especially, and brain surgeries.

5. It Is Raining Frogs & Fish:

5. It Is Raining Frogs & Fish

When we say “It is raining cats and dogs”, we don’t actaully mean that cats and dogs are falling from sky with rain. It just means that it is raining heavily. Well! I just came across this really weird fact that it actually rains ‘frogs & fish’; and that is not an idiom as frogs and fish, in some cases, have fallen from the sky. It most recently occured in serbia in 2005 and it also rained frogs in london, back in 1998.

4. You Eat Them:

4. You Eat Them

No matter how much careful one is, an averge person yearly eats 430 insects, throughout his/her lifetime.

3. SATURN Will Float:

3. SATURN Will Float

It is hard to believe but is true; the density of Saturn is lower than that of Water. That means it will never sink and will float on the surface of water, if thrown in an ocean.

2. We Are Losing Moon:

2. We Are Losing Moon

The moon revolves around the earth in a circular orbit of radius 384,000 km. As a matter of fact, moon is moving away from earth at a rate of 3.8cm per year. So, millions of years later, people may see moon just as any other star sparkling in the sky.

1. Males Get Pregnancy:

1. Males Get Pregnancy

Yes! You read it right; its the male seahorse that does the job. Male seahorses get pregnant, keep the eggs for 72 hours and then give birth to up to 200 babies at a time.