Traditionally, the coming of Easter marks the inception or beginning of the season of spring. For many people this time is one of the best times of the year to cook good food and enjoy all the festive dishes. This weekend is filled with foods and dishes of all sorts. The dishes range from turkey, lasagna, lamb to prime ribs and chicken lasagna. Indeed the time a high time for your grill to be used. The most important thing in this regard is that anything which one can cook indoors in the oven can also be made outdoors while having more fun, excitement and interest. The dishes one makes on the occasion of Easter are always remembered by the relatives and others. Below is the list of the top Easter recipes.

1. Easter egg cake:

1. Easter Egg Cake

This therapy can indeed color one’s holiday in the best way possible. With the colored Easter Eggs, make a second smaller egg by using the extra amount of batter.

SERVING: 6 to 9 people

The things or equipment which is used is:

1. A ten inch egg shaped cake pan

2. Wax paper or parchment paper

3. Tooth picks and wire cooling racks

4. Cutting board and long serrated knife

5. A platter or a 12 inch cardboard base

6. A small offset spatula and a decorating bag

7. Shortening and floor, one tablespoon each

8. 1 recipe cake batter and a creamy white frosting

9. Daisy sugar candies according to requirement

10. About 40 half inch pink drop flower candies

11. About 22 three quarter inch daisy sugar candies

The Cooking Process:

To begin the cooking, heat the oven to 356 degree F and just lightly grease the bottom of the cake pan and cover it with the wax or parchment paper. Now fill the pan which was prepared with batter about two thirds and bake it. Now cool the cake and turn it out on the rack. Now use a tooth pick to make the outline on the top of the cake in the way you want. Cut out the egg now on the pricked outline with a serrated knife and the egg should be more than 7 inches wide and more than 9 inches long. Transfer the cake to the platter and cover the sides and the top with the frostings. Arrange the candies in any way you want to attain your desired shape and it is preferred that you press them on the frostings. With the yellow frostings on the bag, fit the decorating bag on the circular bags. Now pipe a line of beads on the top surface to further beautify the cake. So that’s it, the top and most delicious Easter recipe is ready to be served.

2. Flyaway Ladybugs:

2. Flyaway Ladybugs

This recipe makes 24 standard cupcakes and following are the requirements:

1. 24 cupcake pans and paper cupcake liners

2. 24 tooth picks and wire cooling racks

3. Small offset spatula and a small microwave safe dish

4. A storage food bag made of plastic and a skewer

5. Large serving platter

6. 1 recipe chocolate cake batter and a creamy white frosting

7. 1 cup chocolate chips and bout 155 brown mini candies

8. About 50 coated black pieces of licorice

9. A 10 ounce bottle of white cookie icing

10. About 54 sugar candy eyes and some daisy sugar candies for the presentation

The Cooking process:

To begin the cooking process, heat to 350 degree F and then fit the cupcakes with the paper liners. Fill them more than seventy five percent with batter and bake the cup cakes until they are moderately soft. Now cool the cup cakes for about 16 minutes in a cooling rack and then turn them out on the rack for cooling them completely. The next step is to spread the red frosting onto the top by using an offset spatula on each of the cupcakes. Now again after cleaning and drying the spatula, smooth the top of the cupcakes. Now put them in a microwave safe dish and put them in the oven for about 16 seconds. Then stir and again put it back for 36 seconds and stir again. This process is to be repeated until the chocolate has melted and is now smooth enough. Now, it is time to transfer the melted chocolate to the food storage bags and cut off one corner of each bag to leave some space open. Pipe the outlines of wings on the top of each cupcake and press 4 mini candies onto each wing in any way you want. Decorate the head using the skewer and insert the pieces of licorice in the form of antennas. Now, arrange the lady bugs on the platter with the help of tooth picks and the dish is ready to be served.