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    10 Longest Range Ballistic Missiles (BM) in the World

    by admin - on Jul 19th 2014 - No Comments
    RSM-56 Bulava-Russia

    Intercontinental BM can be classified as major nuclear deterrents capable of causing a lot of havoc and destruction. There are only a few nations and countries who actually possess this technology. The different sources agree with one another that underdeveloped countries like India and Pakistan do not possess this technology. The same...

    10 Tips for Getting Rid of Drug Addiction

    by admin - on Jul 9th 2014 - No Comments
    quitting drugs

    Drug addiction is indeed a nasty habit. It is something that can destroy you in every manner possible. No matter how tranquilizing the feeling might be, still it is not the reality. In addition to making you weak and timid psychologically, it also has a great financial cost. None of us would ever want to engage in this kind of addiction...

    10 Things you Should know about the Game of Thrones

    by admin - on Jun 17th 2014 - No Comments
    game of thrones

    There is no doubt in saying that Game of Thrones is the best show ever. In addition to having the highest IMBD rating, it has also been critically acclaimed by the critics. Some of you might not be into watching it, but that does not change the reality i.e. Game of Thrones is watched by millions who like it and love it. This post will...

    10 Amazing Facts about Space10 Amazing Facts about Space

    by admin - on Jun 12th 2014 - No Comments

    Space, time and infinity are some of the words that have always haunted us. Most of us will never get a chance to be in safe. In fact, all of us, except a few lucky ones will be able to travel to space. When it comes to understanding space, there is quite little that is known to us. No matter how far we might travel, the final frontier...

    10 Foods you can’t resist Eating

    by admin - on Jun 3rd 2014 - No Comments
    best foods

    Eating the best foods does not mean that you will need to consume a lot of calories. The foods and diets I am going to share with you on this list are low on calories but without any compromise on taste. In fact, you are going to crave these foods once you realize their true worth. One thing is important to note here that although junk...

    10 Useful Tips for Mortgage Borrowers

    by admin - on May 23rd 2014 - No Comments

    Are you worried about your finances? Are you worried about your mortgage? Well, it is time you stop worrying, as I have the best tips for you. Time is really passing everyone by, especially for those who are looking to grab a low mortgage rate. You should always prefer to keep your finances in order for the purpose of ensuring a healthy...

    10 Tips For Crisis Management In Organizations

    by admin - on May 17th 2014 - No Comments
    Crisis management is bone background concept

    Crisis Management is the core process through which an organization confronts or deals with the various threats that might harm the entire organization, the stakeholders or even the general public. It should be mentioned in this regard that the detailed studies on crisis management has been initiated in the 1980s as a result of the wide...

    Top 10 Best Cricket Teams in the World 2014

    by admin - on Apr 2nd 2014 - Comments Off
    best cricket team

    It has been some time since the Big Three Act was passed by ICC but what should be noted here is the fact that 2 of out of the Big Three teams have been kicked out of the T20 World Cup 2014. This indeed raises a number of questions about the ICC decision. When it comes to the best cricket teams in the world, then there are a number of...

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