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10 Useful Tips for Mortgage Borrowers

by Syed - on May 23rd 2014 - Comments Off

Are you worried about your finances? Are you worried about your mortgage? Well, it is time you stop worrying, as I have the best tips for you. Time is really passing everyone by, especially for those who are looking to grab a low mortgage rate. You should always prefer to keep your finances in order for the purpose of ensuring a healthy...

10 Tips For Crisis Management In Organizations

by Syed - on May 17th 2014 - Comments Off
Crisis management is bone background concept

Crisis Management is the core process through which an organization confronts or deals with the various threats that might harm the entire organization, the stakeholders or even the general public. It should be mentioned in this regard that the detailed studies on crisis management has been initiated in the 1980s as a result of the wide...

The 10 Richest Celebrities of 2013

by Syed - on Oct 14th 2013 - Comments Off

Money is one factor which determines which actors will be added into the list of the richest celebrities. For this year, there are a few changes in the list. As actors love to spend their money on different things, some of which are not productive at all. However, their names will always remain on the internet, as Google loves to keep...

Top Ten Traits of a Successful Freelance Writer

by Syed - on Jul 20th 2013 - Comments Off
freelance writing

So, do you happen to have the traits which are inevitable for the success in freelance writing? Are you committed for the improvement of your financial conditions? What it needs to be a freelance writer? If that is so, then you should be looking to make the most out of this professional form of writing. When it comes to freelance writing,...

The Most Richest People in India 2013

by Syed - on Jul 10th 2013 - Comments Off
Pallonji Mistry

Every year, we get to see some change in the ranking in terms of the richest people in India. There was a time in which people from India occupied three spots among the top 10 richest people in the world. But now things seem to have changed. The list I am going to share with you below happens to be based on the data and some of the facts...

The Top Ten Energy Tycoons Throughout History

by admin - on Jan 4th 2013 - Comments Off

One great energy entity is Roman Abramovich. Born in humble beginnings, he was orphaned as a child. After dropping out of college, he started working in the oil-export field. He then built his company to an impressive level of success, and is now selling his portion of oil holdings for over $10 billion. Transocean, based in Houston, Texas,...

10 Things That Should Never Come out of a Retailer’s Mouth

by admin - on Dec 2nd 2012 - Comments Off
10 Things That Should Never Come out of a Retailer's Mouth

There are just some things that retail employees should never say to customers, especially during busy stressful holiday seasons. Most employees are trained to do their job, but not trained to effectively communicate with customers. If you, as a manager, want to keep the quality of your store high, you should instruct each of your employees...

Ten Things We Don’t Want to See in Disney’s Star Wars

by admin - on Nov 6th 2012 - Comments Off

Recently, George Lucas announced that Disney would be taking over the historic franchise, Star Wars. While there has been a lot of anticipation and celebration from certain parties involved, there is also a lot of apprehension. There has been a lot of talk going around, and there are definitely some things that we don’t want to see...