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10 Things you Should know about the Game of Thrones

by admin - on Jun 17th 2014 - No Comments
game of thrones

There is no doubt in saying that Game of Thrones is the best show ever. In addition to having the highest IMBD rating, it has also been critically acclaimed by the critics. Some of you might not be into watching it, but that does not change the reality i.e. Game of Thrones is watched by millions who like it and love it. This post will...

The Best World War II Movies Based on Real Life Events

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Das Boot

The movies made on WWII might not appeal most of you, but you should still watch some of them. One main reason is the fact that some of them are based on real life events. A number of things happened during the war. Trust me when I say that this war changed the course of the world and the lives of billions. Millions were killed and a...

The Highest Paying Jobs in the Film Industry 2013

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Film Producers

It is a general conception that the film industry is marked for high levels of payouts. I would agree with it, but firstly you should consider that not everyone is able to make his mark in the industry. In fact, people spend years and years in terms of making a place for themselves. From the outside, it might appear to be quite appealing...

10 Movies With Casino Scenes

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Casinos have provided an interesting aspect to movies that are not solely about gambling. These scenes are some amazing examples of casino gambling found in film.   1. The film “Run Lola Run” features a roulette scene where the title character, Lola, bets it all on the roulette wheel in order to try to raise money to save her...

Top 10 Best American Drama Shows and TV Series

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The X Files

Making drama shows is indeed quite a risk for the producers and the investors. These drama shows are made in most of the countries these days. But the best ones are those that are made in the US. Yes, the United States has indeed taken a number of risks while making these drama shows. Some of them managed to gain access to the top, while...

Genre Genies: 10 Filmmakers Who’ve Aced Their Archetypes

by admin - on Jan 10th 2013 - Comments Off

Hollywood genre films are tricky things. Sure, every movie is classified into one or more genres to help draw an audience to the theater. For filmmakers, though, there's a fine line to walk between honoring the genre and relying on genre-standard tactics to throw together a film. Let's take a look at some of the best filmmakers...

Top 10 Best Animated Movies of 2012

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3d animation has become a mainstay and an integral component of the 2012 animated movies. The trend had started many a years back when some animated movies like Shrek, Toy Story and many others had received critical acclaim and a number of awards. Not just the movies but the fields like medicine, forensics and architecture are also making...

Top 10 Most Scary Horror Movies

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Fear has always existed in one form or the other through the course of history. All the centuries have stamped upon the various literatures that made use of this element of fear. But the sources of fear vary from one person to another. So, it is clear that horror is universal and is appearing in a variety of forms in our media. Horror...