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Top 10 Reasons You Should Buy Xbox

by Syed - on Feb 15th 2014 - Comments Off

The internet is a place where you get to know a lot of things about your favorite gaming devices. The one device that is in the lead in this regard is Xbox. While you should not allow the negative and paid reviews let you down, as they have nothing to do with reality. This post will help you in rationalizing your choices of buying Xbox....

5 Highest Paid Footballers in the World

by Syed - on Feb 27th 2013 - 1 Comment
Lionel Messi

Footballers are really on the role these days. With contracts worth millions of dollars and with a huge fan following all over the world, the game of football is now attracting hundreds of talented players. In terms of the salaries and earnings for the past year, The Argentina Icon, Lionel Messi is at the forefront of being the best and...

The 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2012 – 2013

by Syed - on Sep 16th 2012 - Comments Off

Almost everyone loves to play games regardless of their age. Some play it for the sake of fun, while others for the sake of entertainment. But what they do have in common is the need of having some entertainment and a platform for honing their skills. Computer and play station games are quite an invention. Each year, all the gaming freaks...

Top 10 Best Real Time Strategy Games in 2012

by Syed - on Sep 6th 2012 - Comments Off

Strategy is the art of tackling and solving problems. Surely, in order to formulate a strategy, strategic thinking and moves are required at all times. Same is the case with some of the best pc real time strategy games. These games are not designed for kids, as they are quite different from the puzzle games. The main reason for which...

Top 10 Best First Person Shooter Games in 2012

by Syed - on Aug 19th 2012 - Comments Off

Gaming has been around for quite some time now. The interest of the gamers is also growing as each second passes by. So, if you are a huge gaming fan, then obviously you would love the (FPS) first person shooter games. Many of those individuals who grew up playing such games are now looking forward for more of these non-stop action games...

Top 10 Most Decorated and Celebrated Olympians of All Times

by Syed - on Jul 28th 2012 - Comments Off

Olympics and world championship medals are the most reliable markers of greatness. For the team athletes, this form of greatness shows up in all-star-picks, national team selection, and in honors of specific positions like best defensive player, best pitcher, best quarter back and the most decorated player of the all times. There is no...

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Olympics 2012

by Syed - on Jul 10th 2012 - Comments Off
2012 Green Olympics London

Olympics are indeed the world’s leading festival of sports held after regular time intervals in different locations. The Olympic Games serve as a collective and social embodiment of sporting ideals belonging to different regions of the world. In other words, these games provide an opportunity of uniting the best athletes under one umbrella....

Top Ten Most Anticipated Xbox 360 Games of 2012

by Haris - on Apr 27th 2012 - Comments Off

As we know, Xbox 360 is the leading console in the market worldwide. It has been attracting millions and millions gamers to itself by constantly coming up with different and unique games,i.e Gears of War, Halo, Fable, that have really helped in making it a success. ...