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10 Tips to Save Yourself from a Costly Divorce

by Syed - on Mar 16th 2014 - Comments Off
costly divorce

When your world starts falling apart from all directions, it is an indication that you are about to get a divorce. You should be aware about the financial ramifications that might be coming towards you, so be prepared for the worst to happen. Hiring an experienced lawyer with a good reputation is just a segment of what you will be required...

Top 10 Best Ways for Fighting Depression

by Syed - on Sep 15th 2012 - Comments Off

You might have felt sad or “down deep into the dumps” at certain times in your life. But not to worry, as you are not alone in this problem. There are millions and millions of people in the world, who are presently suffering from depression. Things become quite difficult when the depression persists. This depression not only effectuates...

Top 10 Most Extreme Marriage Proposals

by Syed - on Sep 7th 2012 - Comments Off

Technically speaking, a marriage proposal traditionally follows a long time span of courtship. Requesting the hand of a woman for marriage, the groom asks permission from the women’s father or any other person who is the head of the house. Wedding proposals are indeed an integral part of your life. There are a number of ways of carrying...

10 Things Every Guy Should Bring on the First Date

by Syed - on Sep 3rd 2012 - Comments Off
first date

First dates are indeed very challenging for almost everyone, as it is the very first time you would be meeting the person whom you have been interacting for months on Facebook, Twitter and any other social networking website. Things become even more challenging when you have never seen each other and have only been talking over the telephone....

Top 10 Reasons to Get Married

by Syed - on Aug 10th 2012 - Comments Off

The importance of marriage can be better understood from the lives of some of the most successful individuals there have been. Although the marriage statistics tell a different story about arranged marriages, still the importance of marriage can never be denied. Marriage is not something on tries on for size, and then decides whether...

Top 10 Fathers Day Gifts Under $25

by admin - on Jun 11th 2012 - Comments Off

There is no doubt in saying that parents are the biggest gifts a person can have. Usually it is said that mothers are more loving than fathers, but indeed this is a misconception because fathers love their children equally. ...

Top Ten Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

by Syed - on Jun 7th 2012 - Comments Off

Established in 1910 in the USA, Father’s Day is now celebrated in many countries across the globe. Although the initial celebration was intended to recognize fathers who brought up their children on their own without their spouses, modern celebrations are meant to show appreciation for the role that fathers play in the lives of...

Top Ten Ways to Choosing Gifts for Father’s Day

by Syed - on Jun 2nd 2012 - Comments Off

The fact that your father or someone you look up to as your father literally provides you with everything you need including gifts can make choosing gifts for him a big challenge. Most people actually find it a problem in choosing the most appropriate gift to present to their fathers when Father’s Day approaches. There are various...