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10 Longest Range Ballistic Missiles (BM) in the World

by Syed - on Jul 19th 2014 - Comments Off
RSM-56 Bulava-Russia

Intercontinental BM can be classified as major nuclear deterrents capable of causing a lot of havoc and destruction. There are only a few nations and countries who actually possess this technology. The different sources agree with one another that underdeveloped countries like India and Pakistan do not possess this technology. The same...

10 Amazing Facts about Space

by Syed - on Jun 12th 2014 - Comments Off

Space, time and infinity are some of the words that have always haunted us. Most of us will never get a chance to be in safe. In fact, all of us, except a few lucky ones will be able to travel to space. When it comes to understanding space, there is quite little that is known to us. No matter how far we might travel, the final frontier...

10 Most Destructive Expensive Missiles in the World

by Syed - on Oct 4th 2013 - Comments Off
most destructive missiles

Russia and the US might be at the forefront of manufacturing the most destructive missiles in the world, but there are other countries in the league as well. It seems like spending billions of dollars in modern warfare is a need which no country can afford to avoid. The attack can come at any time and from any side. History tells us that...

Top 10 Fastest Cars of 2013

by Syed - on Aug 16th 2012 - Comments Off

which is the world’s fastest car? Even though we are still in the year 2012, the car designers and enthusiasts have already started looking ahead for the cars that would enter the market next year. It can be said that the year 2013 would have a lot in store for those who only care about the element of speed and luxury in the  car....

Top 10 Reasons Why the World Won’t End In 2012

by Syed - on Aug 15th 2012 - 1 Comment

Is it the end of world? Is dajjal or the antichrist going to rise? is the world going to end in 2012?  “The flood gates of the heavens have started to open and the foundations of the earth are about to shake? The world is close to its destruction. Everything you have seen, done, desired and scrutinized is about to come to an end”....

Top 10 Most Economical Cars in the World

by Syed - on Aug 14th 2012 - 2 Comments

There is a wide mis-conception these days i.e. reduced fuel consumption, fuel efficiency and high mileage cars come at a cost. The cost may be due to the more expensive and energy efficient materials, increased manufacturing complexity, attributes of power and size. The most appropriate measure of cost for the purpose of evaluating the...

Top 10 Most Powerful and Largest Armies in the World

by Syed - on Aug 12th 2012 - Comments Off

Offering security and defense against the external forces is the prime motive of a country’s military. Borderline as well as internal security is the demand of every country these days and for this purpose the power army is established. Not to forget the factor of nuclear power energy and the presence of nuclear power plants. It is...

10 Inventions that Changed the World

by Syed - on Aug 9th 2012 - 1 Comment

The age of scientific revolution can be traced back to the early 1600’s till the end of the 18th century, as these were the times when some of the most radical inventions were made. With the incorporation of the scientific ideas into the social and political spheres, the output came to be known as the age of enlightenment. But the feature...