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Top 10 Funny Bingo Calls

by cyra - on Apr 1st 2013 - Comments Off

We all know a few of the classic bingo calls like two fat ladies for 88 etc., which is self-explanatory. But do you know where some of the others come from? Here, we’ve listed our top ten all-time favourites. Of course, in the online age, some of the magic and history of bingo might be clouded with age. But some bingo sites like Costa...

Top 10 Most Spectacular Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

by Syed - on Sep 24th 2012 - Comments Off

The thing about the spectacular movies is that they provide entertainment regardless of the cast. Each year, we watch a number of movies. Most of us prefer to watch a movie after having an idea about their IMDB score. You might have watched a number of movies, but that is not going to be the case with the movies that I am about to share...

Top 10 Reasons Why the World Won’t End In 2012

by Syed - on Aug 15th 2012 - 1 Comment

Is it the end of world? Is dajjal or the antichrist going to rise? is the world going to end in 2012?  “The flood gates of the heavens have started to open and the foundations of the earth are about to shake? The world is close to its destruction. Everything you have seen, done, desired and scrutinized is about to come to an end”....

Top 10 Most Powerful and Largest Armies in the World

by Syed - on Aug 12th 2012 - Comments Off

Offering security and defense against the external forces is the prime motive of a country’s military. Borderline as well as internal security is the demand of every country these days and for this purpose the power army is established. Not to forget the factor of nuclear power energy and the presence of nuclear power plants. It is...

Top 10 Best Restaurants in the World 2012

by Syed - on Aug 4th 2012 - Comments Off

The main idea behind the formulation of this top ten list emerged with the impinging observation that most of the aspects of social as well cultural life of individuals in the contemporary world are featured in the kind and quality of restaurants. No doubt, the restaurants bring together numerous characteristics of the economic life of...

Top 10 Most Dangerous Prisons in the World

by Syed - on Jul 18th 2012 - Comments Off

There is not a single person on this planet who can claim that he or she truly and innately would love to go into a prison. If any person truly desires for this, then indeed he or she would be a paranoid or schizophrenic. Being in a jail is not the biggest problem, but surviving in the jail really is. Indeed it requires a lot of guts...