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10 Ways Windows 8 Is Better Than iOS

by Farrukh - on Dec 11th 2014 - Comments Off
2. Personalize With Windows 8

Ever since its release, a strong competition has been observed between Windows 8 and iOS. All these observations have resulted in the clarifying that Windows 8 is far better than the iOS in many ways. ...

Top 10 Tech Concepts of 2012

by admin - on Jan 16th 2012 - 1 Comment
tech concepts

We have heard about many cool tech concepts that we would love to know in detail. But the only thing that stops us from doing is the shortage of time. After all, time is moving very fast and we rarely have time for learning something that is not totally necessary. So today we have a list of Top 10 Tech Concepts You want to Know. Check...

10 Best Things To Do in the Start of 2012

by admin - on Jan 1st 2012 - Comments Off
Beach Hammock

The New Year is fast approaching and with that we are preparing not only to say goodbye to 2011 but also look ahead to the upcoming year.With less then 24 hours left in New Year’s Eve,we will tell you the 10 best things to do on New Year’s Eve.This article will not only tell you about the “MUST GO TO” places...

10 Best Holiday Gifts For Geeks

by admin - on Dec 22nd 2011 - Comments Off
Star Wars Plush with Sound

Holiday season is here, which means everyone would soon be trying to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. Giving gifts is a great way of loving and sharing. But finding the perfect gifts for designers, artists, and geeks in general is a very tough task, as they are usually very picky when it comes to gifts. ...

10 Best Weird Road signs That You See in Traveling

by admin - on Dec 20th 2011 - 1 Comment
5. Beware of the tree limbs.

Road signs are very important as they tell you what you can do and what you can’t do while driving; and what to expect on the road. Well, we all know the usual yield and stop signs, but sometimes you see quite unusual ones that make you wonder. Those unusual ones are mostly quite bizarre and very funny too. ...

10 Best Demotivational Posters Involving Animals

by admin - on Dec 5th 2011 - 8 Comments
2. Ambition

We see motivational posters everywhere around us. They are used in many companies and educational schools instituions etc. But the question is ‘do motivational quotes and posters actually work?’ Well there is no guarantee, some might get motivated by them and some may even not notice them! Awesome parodies of motivational...

10 Best Video Games That Changed The Way People Game

by admin - on Nov 12th 2011 - Comments Off

Video games have now become an important part of many people’s life. Its industry and demand is growing every year. A lot of games are launched every single year and not all of them are good — but some of them are so good that they actually change the way people game. ...