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Top 10 Awesome Dresses of Selena Gomez

by Syed - on Sep 23rd 2012 - Comments Off

Selena Gomez is definitely known for the kind and quality of dresses she wears. Almost every girl belonging to the same age group of Selena love to follow her in terms of fashion and dressing sense. But on taking a close look at her dresses, it is clear that she loves to wear dresses which are in some ways unique and designed specifically...

10 Hair Mistakes Most Women Make

by admin - on May 16th 2012 - Comments Off
1. Hair Drying

When it comes to the hair quality and style, then women indeed get very conscious about their hair as the most evident feature of their personality. Women Hair problems are very diverse. ...

Top 10 Hottest Female Models of Bollywood 2012

by admin - on May 11th 2012 - 2 Comments
1. Noyonika Chatterjee

Bollywood is the emerging industry of this world having the hottest models of all times. These females have proved their performances in uncountable shows not only for Bollywood but also in Hollywood. ...

Top 10 Fashion Designers of Hollywood

by admin - on May 9th 2012 - 1 Comment
8. Donna Karen

There are many top fashion designers in the United States of America. These top class fashion designers have changed the face of fashion designing in the world. ...

Top 10 Anti Dandruff Shampoos/ Conditioners For Men

by admin - on Apr 2nd 2012 - 1 Comment
axe new

The hair style and the hair quality a person has, plays a vital role in determining the personality of a person. Whether one has a fair color or a superb body, as long as the hair of the person is not great, he cannot expect to receive a great response from the admirers and especially ladies. ...

Top Ten Most Human Modern Addictions

by admin - on Mar 8th 2012 - 1 Comment
Love addiction

Celebrities and addiction is the media’s favourite hot topic. But it’s not the traditional gossip that excites us anymore. Alcoholics and drug addicts do get coverage on the inside pages but headlines are made in modern addictions. ...

10 Favorite Accessories of Girls 2012

by lubna - on Mar 4th 2012 - Comments Off
Hand bags-02

To look modern and chic, girls adorn fashionable accessories such as hand bags, shoes, sunglasses, and many others. Some girls go for elegance whereas some love funky pieces as their fashion statement. Whatever, fashion accessories are always an eternal part of girls fashion wardrobe. ...

10 Best Men’s Grooming Products 2012

by lubna - on Feb 26th 2012 - 2 Comments
Hair Styling Products-04

Men’s grooming products add charisma and charm in a man’s personality making him clean, sharp and captivating for beautiful girls. A well groomed and cool looking guy is welcomed everywhere, either in office, on party, hanging out or on dating. ...