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Top 10 Best PC Tablets of 2014

by Farrukh - on Dec 15th 2014 - 1 Comment
Apple iPad 3

When Apple released iPad, the tablet market was not as competitive as it has become in the today’s world. A bunch of manufacturers have started producing tablets with amazing features, all in an effort to compete against their strong competitors. ...

10 Must-Have DSLR Cameras

by Farrukh - on Dec 10th 2014 - Comments Off

Photography is a hobby but it is more of an art as I see it. I, myself, am one of those who have a die-hard passion for photography. It is commonly said that a good camera doesnot make produce a good photographer; instead, a person who knows the techniques of capturing things beautifully is actually a good photographer.  ...

Top 10 New Tech Gadgets 2012

by admin - on May 28th 2012 - 10 Comments
3. Unbreakable Smartphone Screen

Technology has dramatically made life much easier in comparison to the lifestyle of individuals who have lived decades before us. These gadgets have become an instinctual need for those who want instant gratification meeting various demands in the least time possible. ...

10 Samsung Galaxy S3 Features You Are Looking For

by admin - on May 7th 2012 - 2 Comments
Samsung Galaxy S3 Black and White

Samsung has unveiled its latest flagship smartphone – the Galaxy S3. The Samsung Galaxy S3 features innovative new technology to see if you’re looking at it and keep the screen on if you are ...

10 Most Best Wearable Gadgets

by cyra - on Apr 11th 2012 - 2 Comments

There were times when one single technology covered the space of a whole room. In this era of revolution, the sizes of technological gadgets has shortened tremendously. ...

Top 10 Pioneers of Internet

by admin - on Mar 16th 2012 - 2 Comments
Larry Roberts

Internet is a routine job in almost everybody’s life. We need it to find and share the data. From where this idea originated? Who made it possible? It was not the effort of a single man. Many a man helped in developing it and making it possible. ...

10 Differences Between iPad 3 And Galaxy 2 10.1

by Farrukh - on Mar 12th 2012 - 1 Comment
5. Battery

Apple and Samsung have always remained strong market competitors especially when it to comes tablet PCs. We all know that Apple has recently released iPad3 and guess what? Apple is finding it hard to compete with the latest tablet by Samsung, the Galaxy Tab2 10.1. ...

Top Ten LED TVs Of 2011-12

by Farrukh - on Feb 23rd 2012 - Comments Off
LG 55LW9800

Almost everyone has said goodbye to those old LCD displays and LED displays are ruling the market now. The fact that they have outstanding display features and a really awesome image quality, is making them popular day by day. ...