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Top 10 Wildest Beauty Pageants From Around the World

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While most people equate beauty pageants with a group of attractive, intelligent and talented young women vying for the honor of representing all young women, some take the event to different levels. Borrowing from the traditional premise, creative people developed new methods of celebrating beauty. Women in California needing beautification...

America’s Top 10 Healthiest Cities

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Americas Top 10 Healthiest Cities

There are a number of factors that can affect your health, including diet, exercise habits and whether or not you smoke. The city that you reside in can also have an effect on your health. Below are 10 of the healthiest cities in the world: Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia tops the list. Pollution is a concern in many cities, but...

10 Movies With Casino Scenes

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Casinos have provided an interesting aspect to movies that are not solely about gambling. These scenes are some amazing examples of casino gambling found in film.   1. The film “Run Lola Run” features a roulette scene where the title character, Lola, bets it all on the roulette wheel in order to try to raise money to save her...

Genre Genies: 10 Filmmakers Who’ve Aced Their Archetypes

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Hollywood genre films are tricky things. Sure, every movie is classified into one or more genres to help draw an audience to the theater. For filmmakers, though, there's a fine line to walk between honoring the genre and relying on genre-standard tactics to throw together a film. Let's take a look at some of the best filmmakers...

The Top Ten Energy Tycoons Throughout History

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One great energy entity is Roman Abramovich. Born in humble beginnings, he was orphaned as a child. After dropping out of college, he started working in the oil-export field. He then built his company to an impressive level of success, and is now selling his portion of oil holdings for over $10 billion. Transocean, based in Houston, Texas,...

10 Best Christmas Gifts for Grandparents – 2012

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“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!” Christmas is a time of joy and happiness and it’s the time when families come together to celebrate everything that’s good in life, gifts are exchanged and the sheer thrill of being together during the holidays can’t be compared with anything else in the world. People take time off their...

Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts For Women – 2012

by admin - on Dec 14th 2012 - 1 Comment

Christmas time is a very busy period for everyone. There are a lot of things to do and very less time to fit in everything before the big day. You have to think of getting gifts, home décor items, prepare the food, and get everything done before the whole family gets together to spend the holiday together. Christmas is the time for celebrations,...

Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts For Kids – 2012

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Christmas is a magical time for children. They wait all year for this time, because they get to spend their holiday with loved ones, get all sorts of exciting gifts and presents which they always wanted. Children love the whole tradition of waking up in the morning and finding those colorfully wrapped presents waiting for them under the...