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10 Facts About The World’s Greatest Race

by Farrukh - on Dec 21st 2014 - Comments Off
worlds greatest race

The Crabbie’s Grand National is the world’s most famous and notorious horse race. Run annually at the Aintree course in Great Britain, it is watched around the world by a TV audience of millions. The Grand National is amongst the world’s most instantly recognisable annual sporting events. 10 A rich history The first running of...

Top 10 Premier League Summer Signings

by Farrukh - on Dec 1st 2014 - Comments Off
university of washington-1

With the January transfer window well and truly open, and the Premier League’s managers looking to bring in players who can hit the ground running in the second half of the season, now is a good time to look back on the signings made during the last transfer window. You can keep track of the latest transfer and betting news at bluesq but,...

Top Ten Most Craziest Science Related Stuffs

by Farrukh - on Nov 25th 2014 - Comments Off
1. Males Get Pregnancy

The world we live in, has many strange and nearly impossible-to-understand things that happen around us. They leave us wandering about the reasons behind, and the logical explanations of, what happens. ...

10 Soccer Club Flops: How the mighty are fallen

by Farrukh - on Nov 22nd 2014 - Comments Off
Cristiano Ronaldo

Glasgow Rangers’ current trials and tribulations highlight the side of professional soccer that tends not to attract the headlines – at least not for long. As we marvel at the success of serial winners like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi and their respective star-studded teams, it is easy to forget all those who have one way...

Top 10 for an Appy New Year

by Farrukh - on Nov 7th 2014 - Comments Off
Motorola Droid Razor MAXX HD

The New Year is a great time to expand your horizons and to see what you might have been missing out on. Here are 10 apps that you might have overlooked but which - one way or another – might just give you the means to brighten up the rest of your winter. My fitness pal is a great way to calculate precisely how many calories...

10 Most Amazing Facts About Dreams

by Farrukh - on Nov 7th 2014 - 18 Comments

We all have different types of dreams; sometimes weird, sometimes horrible and sometime dreams, that leave us extremely puzzled. Dream is a very difficult-to-understand and a vast phenomenon and requires a lot of deep studies to understand it. ...

10 Longest Range Ballistic Missiles (BM) in the World

by Syed - on Jul 19th 2014 - Comments Off
RSM-56 Bulava-Russia

Intercontinental BM can be classified as major nuclear deterrents capable of causing a lot of havoc and destruction. There are only a few nations and countries who actually possess this technology. The different sources agree with one another that underdeveloped countries like India and Pakistan do not possess this technology. The same...

Top 10 Cheltenham Moments

by cyra - on Jul 13th 2014 - Comments Off

For those of us who just love our National Hunt racing, the Cheltenham Festival in mid-March each year is pretty much everything. It’s the culmination of the whole season and the kind of “Championships” of National Hunt racing. So here are out top ten moments from Cheltenham’s rich history: 1. Desert Orchid’s Cheltenham Gold...