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Top 10 Best Cricket Teams in the World 2014

by admin - on Apr 2nd 2014 - No Comments
best cricket team

It has been some time since the Big Three Act was passed by ICC but what should be noted here is the fact that 2 of out of the Big Three teams have been kicked out of the T20 World Cup 2014. This indeed raises a number of questions about the ICC decision. When it comes to the best cricket teams in the world, then there are a number of...

Top 10 Most Interesting Facts about Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great, is remembered as the man, who came really close to conquering the world. In terms of the available information about this Great King, there are a number of controversies. Obviously most of the stories about him lack evidence which is the reason for which we should never prefer to accept any information. It should...

Top 10 Green Cars

by cyra - on Feb 10th 2014 - No Comments
green cars

The invention of cars made transportation a lot more convenient than before. Today, more cars are being made and they all have the same goal of providing an efficient and safe mode of transportation. Technology has progressed a lot in the past few years and mow, people want cars that is not just reliable but environmentally friendly....

Top 10 Weird Wses of Gold

by cyra - on Jan 6th 2014 - Comments Off

We all know there are many uses for gold, including: wedding rings, currency, necklaces and ice cream. Yes, you read that right – Albemarle Bond have given us their Top 10 weird uses for gold to find out more! 1. Teeth Gold is renowned for being soft, which is why we have the custom of biting gold to check it is real. From biting...

The 10 Most Expensive Colleges in America

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most expensive colleges in america

Most people think that more money is an important benchmark for higher and superior education. Well that might be somewhat true for the United States which is marked for its expensive education. Most Asian countries believe that America is indeed the most expensive country in the world when it comes to education. Yes, the contributions...

10 Best Video Gaming Websites in the World 2013

by admin - on Nov 17th 2013 - Comments Off
popular gaming websites

In this list of the 10 best video gaming websites, you can play most of your favorite games. Video gaming should always be an integral part of your life. No matter what the critics and anti-video gaming organizations might have to say, it is a fact that strategic games do hone human cognition in a number of ways. Yes there are some games...

10 Most Interesting Facts about Cigarette Smoking

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smoking kills

There are numerous astonishing and worth-remembering facts about cigarette smoking. A few decades back, it was considered to be a habit of the elderly and those individuals who were in their adulthood. But things have really changed now. Today, even children who have barely crossed the 10 year age mark also love to engage in smoking....

Top 10 Weirdest Things Left in a Will

by cyra - on Sep 29th 2013 - Comments Off

When it comes to writing your Will, no-one ever wants to face up to it. For starters, it’s not a very nice thing to have to think about and so we avoid it for as long as possible. Saga Legal explain to us that there are also other issues which arise such as – where do I start? How do I write a Will and what do I put in it? You would...