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The Ten Cheapest Resorts in the World 2013

by Syed - on Sep 6th 2013 - Comments Off
The Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda

In the prevailing times of this uncertain economy, most of the people prefer to consider everything in a cheap manner. No matter how improved your finances might be, going for the cheap options and facilities is never going to hurt you all. In fact, the money you will be able to save through this attitude of yours will come in handy for...

The Most Beautiful College Campuses in the US

by Syed - on Jul 16th 2013 - Comments Off
university of washington-1

There is no end to the beautiful and amazing college campuses in the United States. The list of the most beautiful college campuses I am here to share with you is going to give you an idea about how amazing beauty can be. There are also some campuses which are surrounded by sunny beaches due to which most of the students might want to...

5 Most Amazing Places to See in your Lifetime

by Syed - on Mar 11th 2013 - Comments Off
Infinity Pool-St. Lucia

Seeing the most amazing places which this world encapsulates is one of the prime activities in which the tourists engage. You might have heard about the theories elucidating the end of nature and the world as we know it. But it seems like nature does find its way across the realms of human concerns. Despite of our utmost efforts to destroy...

10 weird and unseen Wonders of the World

by Syed - on Sep 9th 2012 - Comments Off

There are several natural wonders in the world. You might have the ancient and new 7 wonders of the world, but today I would be sharing with you some of the extremely weird and unseen wonders of the world. This planet has been surely equipped with beautiful and unmatched natural features like deep gorges, cashing waterfalls, sandy beaches...

10 Best Tropical Islands around the World

by Syed - on Sep 5th 2012 - Comments Off

When studying tourism development and progress around the world, the tropical islands lead all other tourist sites. The ecosystem of islands is not so fragile that most of us might come to think. Same is the case with some of best tropical islands which offer increasing opportunities to tourists from all around the world. Surely, islands...

Top 10 Secret Tourist Destinations You Should See

by Syed - on Aug 30th 2012 - Comments Off

The tourism industry is quite difficult to define and to measure. You might have got the chance to be a part of the some of the most visited tourist destinations. But the purpose of this list is to bring to light some of the secret tourist destinations that would have never heard of. There is a misconception these days that only the sites...

Top 10 Most Amazing and Beautiful Underwater Animals

by Syed - on Aug 28th 2012 - Comments Off

Surely, there are a number of misconceptions that we have in found about some of the underwater animals. The main reason why such false interpretations arose in our mind is because of the horror movies we have seen. In some ways, these movies have indoctrinated our minds and have also taken us away from the realms of truth. In reality,...

Top 10 Reasons Why the World Won’t End In 2012

by Syed - on Aug 15th 2012 - 1 Comment

Is it the end of world? Is dajjal or the antichrist going to rise? is the world going to end in 2012?  “The flood gates of the heavens have started to open and the foundations of the earth are about to shake? The world is close to its destruction. Everything you have seen, done, desired and scrutinized is about to come to an end”....