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Top Ten Most Craziest Science Related Stuffs

by Farrukh - on Nov 25th 2014 - Comments Off
1. Males Get Pregnancy

The world we live in, has many strange and nearly impossible-to-understand things that happen around us. They leave us wandering about the reasons behind, and the logical explanations of, what happens. ...

10 Most Amazing Facts About Dreams

by Farrukh - on Nov 7th 2014 - 18 Comments

We all have different types of dreams; sometimes weird, sometimes horrible and sometime dreams, that leave us extremely puzzled. Dream is a very difficult-to-understand and a vast phenomenon and requires a lot of deep studies to understand it. ...

10 Longest Range Ballistic Missiles (BM) in the World

by Syed - on Jul 19th 2014 - Comments Off
RSM-56 Bulava-Russia

Intercontinental BM can be classified as major nuclear deterrents capable of causing a lot of havoc and destruction. There are only a few nations and countries who actually possess this technology. The different sources agree with one another that underdeveloped countries like India and Pakistan do not possess this technology. The same...

Top 10 Most Interesting Facts about Alexander the Great

by Syed - on Mar 25th 2014 - Comments Off

Alexander the Great, is remembered as the man, who came really close to conquering the world. In terms of the available information about this Great King, there are a number of controversies. Obviously most of the stories about him lack evidence which is the reason for which we should never prefer to accept any information. It should...

The 10 Most Expensive Colleges in America

by Syed - on Dec 7th 2013 - Comments Off
most expensive colleges in america

Most people think that more money is an important benchmark for higher and superior education. Well that might be somewhat true for the United States which is marked for its expensive education. Most Asian countries believe that America is indeed the most expensive country in the world when it comes to education. Yes, the contributions...

10 Most Interesting Facts about Cigarette Smoking

by Syed - on Oct 26th 2013 - Comments Off
smoking kills

There are numerous astonishing and worth-remembering facts about cigarette smoking. A few decades back, it was considered to be a habit of the elderly and those individuals who were in their adulthood. But things have really changed now. Today, even children who have barely crossed the 10 year age mark also love to engage in smoking....

The Most Beautiful College Campuses in the US

by Syed - on Jul 16th 2013 - Comments Off
university of washington-1

There is no end to the beautiful and amazing college campuses in the United States. The list of the most beautiful college campuses I am here to share with you is going to give you an idea about how amazing beauty can be. There are also some campuses which are surrounded by sunny beaches due to which most of the students might want to...

The Largest Armies in the World 2013

by Syed - on May 6th 2013 - Comments Off
chinese army

The defensive strength of a country can be evaluated in lines to the country’s army. Having a strong and large army is like a need with which all of the countries need to comply with. Moreover, it is also a fact that in terms of the largest armies, the Asian Countries are the ones in the lead. The reason for this being the fact that...